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Primary areas: Most entries include keywords. Sometimes the best way to find what you are interested in is to use the keywords. Many papers are listed in more than one area. The links take you to an abstract, and most entries also have links to the paper.

Here is my standard academic vita. Several of the papers mentioned there are omitted here since an updated version was publshed later.

Here are some simple explanations of response adaptive sampling and parallel computing

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Parallel Computing

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Adaptive Sampling, Clinical Trials, Statistics

Unfortunately, different areas tend to use different terminology for the same concepts, and adaptive designs is an approach of wide utility. Some relevant key phrases are:
statistical computing, sequential allocation, response adaptive sampling, active learning, controlled clinical trial, biostatistics, adaptive design, design of experiments, ethical clinical trial, dynamic programming, backward induction, stochastic optimization, machine learning, computational learning theory, active learning, Bayesian design, dynamical systems, dynamic index, bandit models.

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Scientific Computing and Computational Science, especially Space and Earth Modeling

Much of my work in this area involves the Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM) or the Center for Radiative Shock Hydrodynamics (CRASH). Further, much of it involves parallel computing and adaptive mesh refinement. It is applied to problems such as climate modeling, space weather prediction, and high energy physics.
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Theoretical Computer Science

Many of my publications could be classified as theoretical computer science, in that they deal with the design and analysis of algorithms, lower bounds, etc. Unfortunately the field known as ``theoretical computer science'' tends to ignore some areas. For example, in parallel computing, algorithms for PRAMS are commonly viewed as being in theoretical computer science, but ones for SIMD hypercubes typically aren't. Here I've collected together those papers that have been, or could have been, presented at conferences such as FOCS, STOC, SODA, SPAA, or which contain substantial relevant content. However, several of those listed in the Parallel Computing, Algorithms and Data Structures, and Discrete Mathematics sections are also in theoretical computer science, more broadly interpreted.
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Serial Algorithms and Data Structures

Most of the publications listed in the Adaptive Design section contain serial algorithms not listed here.

There are several papers involving regression, so I put together an overview of my work on shape constrained regression (isotonic, unimodal, step). I also keep a table of the fastest (in O-notation) isotonic regression algorithms known to date.

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Discrete Mathematics: Graph Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics, Codings, Probability

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Operator Theory, Analysis

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Other Research

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Teaching-Related Publications

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