Development of an Atmospheric Climate Model with Adaptive Grid and Physics

J. Penner     M. Herzog    C. Jablonowski     B. van Leer     R. Oehmke    Q.F. Stout     K.G. Powell
University of Michigan


Abstract: An adaptive grid dynamical core for a global atmospheric climate model has been developed. Adaptations allow a smooth transition from hydrostatic to non-hydrostatic physics at small resolution. The adaptations use a parallel program library for block-wise adaptive grids on the sphere. This library also supports the use of a reduced grid with coarser resolution in the longitudinal direction as the poles are approached. This permits the use of a longer time step since the CFL number restriction (CFL < 1) in a regular longitude-latitude grid is most severe in the zonal direction at high latitudes. Several tests show that our modelling procedures are stable and accurate.

Keywords: advection, atmospheric modeling, sperical adaptive grid, adaptive block, parallel computing, adaptive mesh refinement

Complete paper. This paper appears in J. Physics Conf. Series 16, pp.353--357. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/16/1/049


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