A Parallel Solution-Adaptive Scheme for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics

C.P.T. Groth, D.L. De Zeeuw, K.G. Powell, T.I. Gombosi    Q,F. Stout
Center for Space Environment Modeling
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Abstract: A parallel adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) scheme is described for solving the hyperbolic system of partial differential equations governing ideal magnetohydronamics (MHD) flows in three space dimensions. This highly parallelized algorithms adopts a cell-centered upwind finite-volume discretization procedure and uses limited solution reconstruction, approximate Riemann solvers, and explicit multistage time stepping to solve the MHD equations in divergence form. This provides a combination of high solution accuracy and computational robustness across a large range in the plasma β (β is the ratio of thermal and magnetic pressures).

Keywords: MHD, solution adaptive mesh refinement, Cartesian adaptive grid, parallel computing

Complete paper. This paper appears in Proc. 14th AIAA Conf. on Computational Fluid Dynamics (1999).


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