Recent Presentations and Seminars of Hero's Research Group

This page contains a sampling of Alfred Hero's seminar presentations.

  • "Learning correlations for large scale data," IEEE Signal Processing Workshop, Snowbird UT, Aug. 10 2015. (.pdf)
  • "Large scale correlation mining," Duke workshop on sensing and analysis of high dimensional data, Duke Univ., Durham July 29, 2015 (.pdf)
  • "Dictionary Methods for Image Analysis in Materials Science," Gordon Research Conference on Frontiers in Physical Metallurgy, July 22, 2015 (.pdf)
  • "Combinatorial continuum limits and their application," Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision (SSVM), Lege Cap Ferrat, France, June 1 2015 (.pdf)
  • "Cooperative localization in sensor networks," School of ICASSP, IEEE Intl. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Brisbane, Apr. 23 2015 (.pdf)
  • "Signal processing for graphs," Communications and Signal Processing Seminar, Dept. EECS, Univ of Michigan, Sept. 11 2014 (.pdf)
  • "Social networks of spammers," IPAM meeting, UCLA, Sept. 22 2008 (.pdf)
  • "Manifold learning for localization using sensor networks," (.pdf), A. O. Hero UCLA Distinguished Lecture , University of Michigan, Oct 2005.
  • "Multiple criteria differential expression analysis for microarray data," (.pdf), A. O. Hero Bioinformatics Program Seminar , University of Michigan, Dec 2003.
  • "Entropy, Spanner Graphs, and Pattern Matching" (.pdf), A. O. Hero Plenary talk given at the 2003 Workshop on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (EMM CVPR), , Lisbon Portugal, July 2003.
  • "Entropic graphs," (.pdf), A. O. Hero Lecture at IEEE SP Society Boston Chapter , April 2003.
  • "Space-time-Coding for Wireless Communications," (.pdf), A. O. Hero, Lecture given in Dept of ECE, Colorado State University,, Feb. 2003.
  • "Genomic Data Mining," (.pdf), A. O. Hero, ISTeC Lecture given at Colorado State University,, Feb. 2003.
  • "A spectral method for 3D shape reconstruction and denoising," (.pdf), J. Li and A. O. Hero MIA Symposium, Paris, Sept. 2002.
  • "Image resolution-variance tradeoffs using the uniform Cramer-Rao bound," (.pdf), T. Kragh and A. O. Hero EUSIPCO, Toulouse, Sept. 2002.
  • "Delay tomography for large scale networks," (.pdf), C. Shih and A. O. Hero URSI General Assembly, Maastricht, Aug 2002.
  • "Genomic signal processing," (.pdf), A. O. Hero Keynote at International Conference on Signal Processing , Beijing, Aug. 2002.
  • "Low power signal processing strategies," (.pdf), A. O. Hero Final review of DoD MURI Low Energy Electronics Design for Mobile Platforms, Ann Arbor MI, July. 2002.
  • "Gene filtering and data mining for gene microarray experiments," (.pdf), A. Hero (joint work with Gilles Fleury, Shigeo Yosida, Anand Wsaroop, Kashif Siddiqui), Seminar, Dept. Statistics, UC Berkeley, July 2002.
  • "Diversity and Degrees of Freedom in Wireless Communications," (.pdf), M. Godavarti and A. Hero, ICASSP 2002, Orlando, May 2002.
  • "Security and sensitivity for Space-Time Communications," (.pdf), A. O. Hero (joint work with D. Bliss, K. Forsythe, M. Godavarti, T. Marzetta) lecture given to Long Island IEEE Chapter, April 2002.
  • "Single spin detection for MRFM ," (.pdf), A. O. Hero and J. Fessler (joint work with C.Y. Yip) DARPA MOSAIC Kickoff Workshop , Washington DC, Apr. 2002.
  • "Shape Extraction and Denoising via Polar Representations ," (.pdf), A. O. Hero (joint work with J. Li) SIAM Meeting on Mathematical Imaging 2002, Boston MA, Mar. 2002.
  • "Image compression for recognition tasks," (.pdf), A. O. Hero (joint work with R. Gupta) SIAM Meeting on Mathematical Imaging 2002, Boston MA, Mar. 2002.
  • "Bioinformatics and Genomics: a new SP Frontier?", (.pdf) , A. O. Hero (joint work with G. Fleury and K. Siddiqui). Talk given at Miniworkshop on Signal Processing in Communications and Multimedia, Arizona State University , Tempe AZ Feb. 2002.
  • "MIMO Capacity for Rician Fading Channels," .pdf , A.O. Hero (joint work with M. Godavarti). URSI Boulder , Jan. 2002.
  • "When is a maximal invariant hypothesis test better than the GLRT?" (.ps), A. O. Hero (joint work with H.-S. Kim), Proc. of IEEE Asilomar Conference on Sig, Syst., and Comm.,, Pacific Grove CA, Oct. 2000.
  • "Statistical proximal point methods for image reconstruction," (.ps) S. Chretien, A. Hero, R. Piramuthu, 2000 Meeting of SIAM, Puerto Rico, July 2000.
  • "Renyi information divergence via measure transformations on minimal spanning trees," (.pdf) or (.ps) , A. O. Hero (joint work with O. Michel), IEEE Int. Symp. on Inform. Theory, Sorrento, June 2000
  • "Fundamental limits on shape estimation," (.pdf) or (.ps) , A. O. Hero (joint work with R. Piramuthu and J. Li), SIAM Meeting , Puerto Rico, July. 2000
  • "Reduced Signature Adaptive Target Detection in Remote Sensing," (.pdf) or (.ps) , A. O. Hero (joint work with H.S. Kim), Seminar given at INRIA -Sophia , June. 2000
  • "Optimal Signal Constellations for Fading Space-Time Channels," (.pdf) or (.ps) , A. O. Hero (joint work with T. Marzetta), Seminar given at ENST-Paris , June. 2000
  • "Statistical Signal Processing for Radionuclide Imaging," (.pdf) , A. O. Hero (joint work with T. Kragh, C.H. Hua, J. LeBlanc, W.L. Rogers, N. Clinthorne, R. Piramuthu) Lecture at IEEE Sensors, Arrays, and Multichannel SP Workshop, MIT, Mar. 2000
  • "System modeling and image reconstruction for a Compton SPECT scanner," (.pdf) , A. O. Hero (joint work with T. Kragh, C.H. Hua, J. LeBlanc, W.L. Rogers, N. Clinthorne, R. Piramuthu) ECE Graduate Seminar at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, Mar. 2000
  • "Parameter Estimation for Multi-dimensional Filtered Poisson Processes," , A. O. Hero, Don Snyder Symposium , Washington University, St Louis, Jan 2000.
  • "Limitations on Detection and Classification from Compressed Images", R. Gupta and A. Hero , URSI-00, Boulder CO, Jan. 2000.
  • "Noisy Word Recognition Using Denoising and Moment Matrix Discriminants" , M. Nikolova and A. O. Hero IEEE Workshop on HOS 99, Caesaria, Israel , June. 1999
  • "Estimation of Renyi information divergence via pruned minimal spanning trees" , A. O. Hero and O. Michel IEEE Workshop on HOS 99, Caesaria, Israel , June. 1999
  • "Robust incorporation of uncertain MRI side information into ECT image reconstruction" , A. O. Hero (joint work with R. Piramuthu) Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut , Oberwolfach DL, Jan. 1999.
  • "Segmentation of road edges from a vehicle-mounted imaging radar " , A. O. Hero and M. Nikolova IEEE Workshop on SSAP , Portland, Oct. 1998.
  • "Robust Detection, Classification and Clustering" , A. O. Hero 2nd year review of AFOSR-MURI on Reduced Signature Target Recognition, Alphatech, Burlington, MA, Sept. 1998.
  • "CFAR Target Detection in Imaging Radar" , A. O. Hero Irving Reed Symposium , USC, Nov. 1998.
  • "Low power strategies for adaptive filtering and equalization" , A. O. Hero (joint work with R. Gupta) 2nd year review of ARO-MURI on Low Power Terminals, University of Michigan, July 1998.
  • "Robust entropy estimation via pruned minimal spanning trees" , A. O. Hero (joint work with O. Michel) Bayesian Statistics Meeting , Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK, July 1998.
  • "The EM Algorithm and Beyond" , A. O. Hero Plenary talk, 19th Biennial Communications Symposium, Kingston ON, June 1998 ,
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