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Abstract State Machines




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2000 What's New: Abstract State Machines

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28 November 2000
9 November 2000
7 November 2000
17 October 2000
6 October 2000
30 September 2000
29 September 2000
7 September 2000
5 September 2000
25 July 2000
  • The massive re-organization is done; hopefully, splitting most of the large pages into smaller ones will make things easier for everyone. If you find problems, please let me know.
  • As a result of the re-organization, virtually all of the web pages are now HTML 4.0 compliant as well as Bobby 3.1 compliant.
  • Coming soon: roughly 20 papers from the ASM'2000 meetings in March, along with a few other papers.
7 June 2000
  • A massive re-organization of the pages on this site is underway; chiefly, splitting big pages into smaller ones and eliminating redundant information across the site. Once it's all done, everything should work great; in the meantime, there may be occasional problems with broken or missing links. I will try to keep everything accessible during the conversion; please let me know if you experience any problems. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.
16 May 2000
  • Added a page for industrial reports and added slides to that page on an industrial application of ASMs, presented at ASM 2000.
12 May 2000
12 April 2000
  • A link to the Call for Participation for the ASM 2001 Workshop at EUROCAST 2001 is now available.
8 February 2000
7 January 2000

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