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Self-Applicable Partial Evaluation

Citation: Vladimir Oliveira Di Iorio, Roberto da Silva Bigonha, and Marcelo de Almeida Maia, "A Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator for ASM". In Y. Gurevich, P. Kutter, M. Odersky, and L. Thiele, eds., Abstract State Machines -- ASM 2000, International Workshop on Abstract State Machines, Monte Verita, Switzerland, Local Proceedings, TIK-Report 87, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, March 2000, 115--130.
Summary: A partial evaluator for ASMs is described which is self-applicable (i.e. capable of being applied to itself). The use of such a tool for compiler generation and techniques for describing language semantics suitable for partial evaluation are discussed.
Subjects: ASM Explorations
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Notes: An extension of previous work. See also the detailed implementation.
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