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What's New: Evolving Algebras 1995

8 November 1995
  • Added a section on databases and updated the paper on a specification and verification of the undo/redo transaction recovery algorithm. (LaTeX or PostScript)

12 September 1995

1 September 1995
  • Added a presentation of the salient features of evolving algebras, as part of a discussion of the use of evolving algebras in design and analysis of hardware and software systems. (PostScript)

25 August 1995
  • Translated many of the inline images in the Lipari Guide into HTML, for easier Web reading.

22 August 1995

21 August 1995

3 August 1995
  • Translated most of the inline images in the tutorial and the bibliography into HTML, for easier Web reading.
  • Added a link to a comprehensive collection of WWW pages on formal methods.

2 August 1995
  • Moved all evolving algebras pages to this web server. Alas, not all features (e.g. feedback forms) made the transition.

1 August 1995

13 July 1995

24 May 1995
  • Added a link to the official Kermit WWW site.

17 May 1995

16 May 1995
  • Added a response to a paper of Leslie Lamport, ``Processes are in the Eye of the Beholder''. We discuss how the same two algorithms may and may not be considered equivalent. In addition, we give a direct proof of an appropriate equivalence of two particular algorithms considered by Lamport. (LaTeX or PostScript)
  • Added a discussion of semantics-preserving transformations (including a pass separation transformation) which may be performed on evolving algebras. (PostScript).
  • Added a presentation of a simple, 9-line Prolog interpreter for evolving algebras. (PostScript) The authors also have a web page discussing their work, including source code.
  • Added a link to an announcement of a short course on evolving algebras to be held at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Aarhus, during 7--11 August 1995.
  • Added a table of contents to the main page.

8 April 1995
  • Added a new heading to the index page on natural language, including two new PostScript papers in the area:
    • An extension of a previous paper on grammars for natural languages. (PostScript)
    • Evolving algebra renderings of the formalisms used most frequently in computational linguistics. (PostScript)

27 March 1995
  • Added an HTML version of the Lipari Guide.
  • Cleaned up some problems in the HTML version of the tutorial.

21 March 1995
  • Added a specification and verification of a distributed railway crossing system, proposed by C. Heitmeyer of NRL. (LaTeX or PostScript)
  • Renamed the extended abstracts for an evolving algebras partial evaluator (LaTeX and PostScript) and uploaded a more detailed version of the paper (LaTeX and PostScript).

20 March 1995
  • Added a limited index search capability for pages on this site.

10 March 1995
  • Updated the papers on Lamport's bakery algorithm (the previous version had erroneous references). (LaTeX or PostScript)

16 December 1994
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