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What's New: Abstract State Machines 1997

22 December 1997

19 December 1997
  • Added the following papers:

18 December 1997

9 October 1997
  • Added an extended abstract for the verification of pipelining in the ARM microprocessor.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous missing/broken/outdated references.

18 September 1997
  • Added a paper describing a structural operational and an axiomatic semantics for ASMs.
  • Added a paper describing an algorithm for finding the weak head normal form (WHNF) of an arbitrary term in the lambda-calculus.
  • Added a paper describing the tableau calculus for first-order predicate logic, using ASMs.
  • A couple of recent papers "disappeared" from the site due to disk problems on our FTP site; all should be fixed now. If you still can't access something, please send e-mail to huggins@acm.org. Thanks.

25 August 1997

7 August 1997

17 July 1997

4 June 1997

31 May 1997

29 May 1997

28 May 1997

26 May 1997
  • Added a paper on choiceless polynomial time using ASMs.
  • Added an updated paper on typed ASMs.
  • Made subtle HTML changes to most of the pages on this site to make them more HTML-compliant (using weblint). The changes should be invisible to most browsers; if you find something has broken in the process, please e-mail huggins@acm.org. (Thanks.)

19 May 1997

15 May 1997

13 May 1997

12 May 1997

8 May 1997

4 March 1997
  • Added a paper on the semantics of Oberon.

27 February 1997

25 February 1997

22 February 1997

7 February 1997

6 February 1997
  • Added a full paper giving the linear time hierarchy theorems for abstract state machines and RAMs. (The previous paper on this site was an extended abstract.)

18 January 1997
  • A draft version of the 1997 ASM Guide is being produced; draft sections (subject to revision!) will be posted on the referenced page as they become available. Please send your comments on the new ASM Guide to Yuri Gurevich.
  • Added a paper on a general implementation scheme for CLP(X), based on the WAM and PAM papers.
  • Removed an older version of the papers on Protos-L (PAM) (current versions of the papers are of course still available).
  • Updated the paper on pipelining in the DLX microprocessor.
  • Moved the "what's new" entries for 1996 to a separate page.

What's New for 1996

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