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Abstract State Machines




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Abstract State Machines: Community Information

The success of the ASM methodology is due in no small part to the international community of ASM researchers and practitioners who have helped to develop and promote the use of ASMs in a wide variety of systems. Here, we provide information on aspects of this active and dynamic community.

Email List

An electronic mailing list for abstract state machine researchers exists: to join, see the instructions at http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~wallace/asmforum-l/help.html.

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What follows is a (partial) list of theses of all types (masters, doctoral, habilitation, etc.) dealing with ASMs. (Please send updates to this list to huggins@acm.org.)

Other Items

Remembering Dean Rosenzweig

Dean Rosenzweig, a key contributor to the early days of ASM research, passed away at the beginning of January 2007. Below are links to a couple of tributes to Dean written shortly after Dean's death: [an error occurred while processing this directive]