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Abstract State Machines




ASM Studies

1999 What's New: Abstract State Machines

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22 December 1999
15 December 1999
21 October 1999
  • Added a paper giving an ASM semantics for Standard ML.
18 October 1999
13 October 1999
2 September 1999
  • The final program for FM'99 is now available.
13 July 1999
9 July 1999
  • Updated some links on the tools page.
  • Created a page for Montages and moved/copied some references to that page.
  • Fixed some serious HTML bugs in the general papers page. If you've been having problems with some links going to the wrong place, they should (hopefully) be fixed now.
5 July 1999
  • Added a tools page and copied links for various ASM tools onto that page.
25 June 1999
6 May 1999
14 April 1999
6 April 1999
11 February 1999

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