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Abstract State Machines




ASM Studies

Abstract State Machines: What's New 1998

29 December 1998

6 November 1998
  • Added a paper describing the semantics of the intermediate programming language MIS.

19 October 1998

16 October 1998

8 October 1998
  • Added the following papers:

7 October 1998
  • Added a paper describing mapping automata (a variant of ASMs).
  • Updated various links and pages dealing with the FM'99 conference.

6 October 1998
  • Added two papers on analysis of hardware/software systems.
  • Added another paper on the Gem-Mex tool.
  • Updated the papers (and the references) for the specification and verification of the ARM microprocessor.

15 September 1998

25 August 1998

24 August 1998

8 June 1998

26 May 1998
  • Added a new draft of the paper on typed ASMs.
  • All papers on this web site (104 of them!) are now available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files can be read using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, available for most major operating systems.

22 May 1998

5 May 1998

7 April 1998

31 March 1998
  • Added a paper giving a modular specification of the dynamic semantics of Java using ASMs.
  • Updated the links to the home page for the Gem-Mex tool.

21 March 1998
  • Added the button above to enable automatic email notification of changes to this page. (Courtesy of URL-minder.)

5 March 1998

30 January 1998
  • Added an article which gives an overview of the motivations behind and uses of ASMs.

22 January 1998

14 January 1998

13 January 1998
  • Added a preliminary version of a static and dynamic semantics for Java.

6 January 1998
  • Added the following papers:
    • A commented ASM bibliography, listing all ASM papers published as of the end of 1997, including a pointer to the BibTeX source file (which will be continuously updated).
    • A description of the semantics of SDL in terms of a multi-agent, real-time ASM.
    • A formal specification and analysis of the Kerberos Authentication System.
  • Added a page on security, on which the Kerberos paper appears.
  • Removed the previous version of the ASM bibliography.
  • Happy New Year! The previous "What's New" page has been moved to What's New for 1997.

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