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Abstract State Machines




ASM Studies

2001 What's New: Abstract State Machines

17 August 2001
  • Added another paper on a zero-one law for a version of ASMs.
24 July 2001
25 June 2001
21 June 2001
14 June 2001
12 June 2001
5 June 2001
26 May 2001
24 April 2001
  • Added links for the following papers:
    • A paper exploring the notion of reserve in an ASM.
  • A paper describing a case study at Microsoft applying ASMs to a debugger.
  • A survey paper on ASMs and logic at Microsoft.
23 April 2001
17 April 2001
10 April 2001
20 February 2001
  • Added a (very preliminary) link for ASM 2004 to the ASM Community page.
  • The Mind-it web service which automatically notifies subscribers of changes to monitored web pages is changing. As of 1 April 2001, organizations will no longer be able to place a button on their web pages for automatic registration without paying a fee. Consequently, the button which formerly appeared on this page has been removed. Current users monitoring this web page should not be affected, and new users who wish to monitor this web page can do so by visiting the Mind-it home page.
1 February 2001
  • Created a new page for ASM Community info, including upcoming and past events and a list of ASM theses.
  • The previous "What's New" page has been moved to What's New for 2000.

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