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Abstract State Machines




ASM Studies

Verification of UML State Machines

Citation: Wuwei Shen, Kevin Compton, and James K. Huggins, "A Toolset for Supporting UML Static and Dynamic Model Checking", 26th International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2002), Prolonging Software Life: Development and Redevelopment, 26-29 August 2002, Oxford, England, Proceedings, IEEE Computer Society 2002, 147--152.
Summary: A description of an automated tool for static and dynamic validation of UML models; ASMs are used to provide the semantics of UML as the basis for the validation.
Subjects: Other Models of Computation, Mechanical Verification
Download: From Jim Huggins' home page in Compressed PostScript or PDF.
Notes: These results were previously announced. Previously appeared in Proceedings of ASE2001 (16th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering), 26-29 November 2001, 315-318.
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