Chen Ang Chen
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Michigan
Office: 4753 Beyster building
E-mail: chenang (at) umich (dot) edu

I'm looking for PhD students and postdocs!

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My work focuses on systems, networking, and security. I'm particularly drawn to research problems that require a cross-disciplinary approach and produce a practical impact.


Current PhD students:
  • Jiarong Xing (2018-) On the academic job market 2023-2024!
  • Yiming Qiu (2020-)
  • Patrick Kon (2021-)
  • Hari Sezhiyan (2022-) w/ Eugene Ng

    Current postdoc:
  • Yibo Huang

    Postdoc+ PhD Alumni:
  • Diogo Barradas (Postdoc), now Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo
  • Kuo-Feng Hsu (PhD), now Research Scientist at Meta/Facebook

    MS+BS Alumni:
  • Wenqing Arthur Wu (BS), now at UChicago
  • Qiao Kang (MS)
  • Adam Morrison (BS+MS), now at Arista Networks
  • Mitch Belmer (BS), now at Accenture
  • Yujian Ou (BS)


    Program Committee: Oakland 2024, EuroSys 2024, PoPETS 2024, APNet 2024, CCS 2023, NSDI 2023, Oakland 2023, SIGCOMM 2022, CCS 2022, APSys 2022, NSDI 2021, CoNEXT 2021, SOSR 2021, ICNP 2021, ICDCS 2018, NDSS 2018, CIKM 2017
    Program Co-chair: NeTS Early Investigator Workshop 2021, SIGCOMM SPIN'20


    CNS-2214272, CNS-2106751, CNS-2106388, CCRI-2016727, CAREER, CNS-1801884


    I teach the following courses on a regular basis: