Chen Ang Chen
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Michigan
Office: 4753 Beyster building
E-mail: chenang (at) umich (dot) edu

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My work focuses on systems, networking, and security. I'm particularly drawn to research problems that require a cross-disciplinary approach and produce a practical impact.


Current PhD students:
  • Jiarong Xing (2018-)
  • Yiming Qiu (2020-)
  • Patrick Kon (2021-)
  • Hongyi Liu (2021-)

    Postdoc+ PhD Alumni:
  • Diogo Barradas (Postdoc), now Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo
  • Kuo-Feng Hsu (PhD), now Research Scientist at Meta/Facebook

    MS+BS Alumni:
  • Wenqing Arthur Wu (BS), now at UChicago
  • Qiao Kang (MS)
  • Adam Morrison (BS+MS), now at Arista Networks
  • Mitch Belmer (BS), now at Accenture
  • Yujian Ou (BS)


    Program Committee: CCS 2023, NSDI 2023, Oakland 2023, SIGCOMM 2022, CCS 2022, NSDI 2021, CoNEXT 2021, SOSR 2021, ICNP 2021, ICDCS 2018, NDSS 2018, CIKM 2017
    Program Co-chair: NeTS Early Investigator Workshop 2021, SIGCOMM SPIN'20


    CNS-2214272, CNS-2106751, CNS-2106388, CCRI-2016727, CAREER, CNS-1801884


    I teach the following courses on a regular basis: