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Course Schedule

Date Topic Mandatory Readings Optional Readings Presenter Notes / Slides
Jan 9 Welcome and Introduction Barzan slides
Jan 14 Predictability of Performance Towards a Robust Query Optimizer: A Principled and Practical Approach, SIGMOD 2005. Barzan slides
Jan 16 Predictability of Performance Variance aware optimization of parameterized queries, SIGMOD 2010. Barzan slides
Jan 21 Map-Reduce for Machine Learning on Multicore, NIPS 2006. Vijay slides
Jan 23 Relational Confidence Bounds Are Easy With The Bootstrap Sungyong Seo slides
Jan 28 Snow day (no lecture)
Jan 30 Distributed Transaction Processing Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database, OSDI 2012. Pankhuri slides
Feb 4 Student Presentations Initial Project Ideas Barzan slides
Feb 6 Querying Raw Data Files NoDB: efficient query execution on raw data files, SIGMOD 2012. Vijay slides
Feb 11 Easy-to-use databases CRIUS: User-Friendly Database Design, VLDB 2010. Sungyong slides
Feb 13 Easy-to-use databases Stochastic database cracking: towards robust adaptive indexing in main-memory column-stores, vldb 2012. Barzan slides
Feb 18 Large-scale analytics (and machine learning) Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing, NSDI 2012. Pankhuri slides
Feb 20 Database-usability Organic Databases, DNIS 2011. Vijay slides
Feb 25 No lecture slides
Feb 27 No lecture (to be resceduled) slides
March 4 No class! Enjoy your vacations! --- slides
March 6 No class! Enjoy your vacations! --- slides
March 11 Student Presentations Mid-semesterm Project Progress Reports --- slides
March 18 TBA NoSQL databases, (book) 2011. Chapters 2-3 Pankhuri slides
March 19 (2-3:30pm) TBA NoSQL databases, (book) 2011. Chapter 4 Sungyong slides
March 20 TBA NoSQL databases, (book) 2011. Chapters 5 and section 6.3 Vijay slides
March 25 Distributed GraphLab: A framework for machine learning and data mining in the cloud, VLDB 2012. Barzan slides
March 27 TBA Making Database Systems Usable, SIGMOD 2007. Vijay slides
April 1 TBA The Big Data Bootstrap, ICML 2012. Sungyong slides
April 3 TBA Windows Azure Storage: A Highly Available Cloud Storage Service with Strong Consistency, SOSP 2011. Pankhuri slides
April 8 TBA A Scalable, Predictable Join Operator for Highly Concurrent Data Warehouses, VLDB 2009. Barzan slides
April 10 TBA Advances in flash memory SSD technology for enterprise database applications, SIGMOD 2009. Sungyong slides
April 15 TBA Generalized Scale Independence Through Incremental Pre-computation, SIGMOD 2013. Pankhuri slides
April 17 TBA Speedy transactions in multicore in-memory databases, SOSP 2013. Vijay slides
April 22 Student Presentations Final Project Presentations --- slides

Tentative Reading List

  1. Predictability of performance, particularly in a database-as-a-service (DB cloud)
  2. Easy-to-use databases (human-database interaction)
  3. NoSQL and distributed transaction processing systems
  4. Implications of modern (multi-core) hardware on database design
  5. Implications of large-scale machine learning on distributed systems (e.g., map-reduce/hadoop)