Jason J. Corso
Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science

University of Michigan
Email: jjcorso@eecs.umich.edu
Office: 4227 EECS
Phone: 734-647-8833
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Hours: M-R 1330-1500 when door open
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When all else fails: eecs-corso-va@umich.edu
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active clustering  activity recognition  artificial intelligence  augmented reality  belief propagation  bioinformatics  biomarkers  biometrics  braintumor  cognitive systems  computational finance  computer forensics  computer graphics  computer vision  computer-aided diagnosis  cosegmentation  data mining  deformable  dictionary transfer  digitial humanities  document imaging  domain adaptation  dynamic linear models  endoscopy  evaluation  event recognition  facade detection  face detection  face recognition  feature extraction  fusion  gesture recognition  gpu  grammar  graph cuts  graph-based  graphical models  haptics  hierarchical  higher-order  human pose estimation  human-computer interaction  image denoising  image processing  image retrieval  image understanding  language grounding  localization  lung imaging  machine learning  mapping  max-margin  medical imaging  metric learning  mobile robotics  mosaicking  motion estimation  mrf  multimedia  natural language  navigation  neuroimaging  object detection  ontology  probabilistic ontology  protein structure prediction  random forest  reconstruction  segmentation  semantic segmentation  slam  spectral clustering  spine imaging  stereo  streaming  supervoxel  surgical robotics  tomographic reconstruction  tracking  video summarization  video to text  video understanding  visual psychophysics  volume rendering  voxel maps 

My Email Policy
I now receive more than 300 emails in a typical day and sometimes many more than that. While I do practice Inbox Zero as a way to stay on top of things and be a courteous colleague, it is simply not possible to respond to every email. Frankly, I think it is also not necessary. This means developing certain strategies and practices for dealing with email. Others before me have other such practices. These help us maintain sanity, and actually produce the type of creative output that is our expertise---we are human after all and do have a limited capacity for cognitive load on any given day. I employ an assistant to filter out and respond to certain types to emails that do not need me to read them. The assistant can be directly reached at eecs-corso-va@umich.edu for booking appointments, for example. However, for the many dozens of emails that I need to see, here are my constraints. I empty my inbox once per week. I read email once per day near the end of the day. I reply to email as necessary and when I have the time within that day / week. The end result is that I reply to as few emails as possible and if you needed a reply from me and did not get it in a week (I am on a 2-3 day average lag), then you should call me. If it is urgent, you probably should call me. Thank you for your understanding.

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