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Partially Ordered Runs

Citation: Yuri Gurevich and Dean Rosenzweig, "Partially Ordered Runs: A Case Study". Microsoft Research Technical Report MSR-99-08, December 1999.
Summary: A case study of Lamport's Bakery Algorithm using partially ordered runs. Using the case study, the authors look at some of the difficulties in reasoning about partially ordered runs and propose some techniques.
Subjects: ASM Explorations, Abstract Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Verification
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Notes: Official version appears in Y. Gurevich, P. Kutter, M. Odersky, and L. Thiele, eds., Abstract State Machines: Theory and Applications, Springer LNCS 1912, 2000, 131-150. Also appears in TIK-Report 87, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, March 2000.