The students of EECS 451, Digital Signal Processing, Fall 2014 did a final project to display their DSP skills.

Undergraduate students teamed up to work on the projects. The results of their group projects (in no particular order) can be found at the following web-site links:

1. MCommuter Guanlun He, Akshar Patel, Roger Wang, Denny Zhang

2. The Decomposer Alexander Hershey, Francis Petelin, Srinath Swaminathan, Si Hui Yang

3. There's Waldo: The Automated Waldo Finder Imanol Granada, Mercedes Modet, Daniel Morizio, Michael Wang

4. When is the Best Time to Study? Qi Huang, Breoshshala Martin, Chika Uchendu

5. Analysis of dB Cafe Sales and its Dependence on Weather Data Malik Eteer, Elizabeth Purtill, Mostafa Shuva, Siju Varughese

6. PKD Compressor Khari Cousins, Peter Leonard, Dylan Sundberg

7. Magneto Tyler Jackson, Tracey Lo, Jeffrey Lu, Gautham Sholingar

8. FeetBeet Catherine Culkin, Michael Kowalski, Kenneth Pryczynski, Eric Staszel

9. Simple Circuit Recognition Boyang Shi, Jie Song, Haohuan Wang

10. Environmental Imitation Jerry Dault, Joshua Saganski, Samuel Wilson, Maxine Xiu

11. When the Levee Breaks Joseph Kyle Hoeflinger, Erich Laux, Gautam Rajagopal

12. Inverted Pendulum Reed Cao, Robert Herkenham, Ryan Meredith, Stanley Smith

13. Longitude & Attitude Edward Chakmakian, Kristina Kim, Kwesi Rutledge

14. Face Averager Qilu Guo, Dengwang Tang, Mengtian Wang, Yuening Zhang

15. StudySound James Davis, Nicholas Ockershausen, In Ug Yoon

16. 451 Guitar Tuner Jason Del Rosaio, Vang Le, Pandu Wahyono

17. High-Tech Handwriting Nora Farouk, Ashley Hou, Deepti Mahajan, Jonathan Tan

18. Instrument Box John Connolly, Changqi Dai, Paul Giessner

19. Image Deblurring Travis Bowers, Patrick Leavy, Colin Nangle, Jacob Winick

The graduate students worked individually on their projects. Their IEEE format project reports (in alphabetical order) can be found at the following links:

1. Color Doppler Ultrasound Volumetric Flow Extraction Sarah Abdulhamid

2. Connect-451: A Real Time Connect 4 Board Processor Amos Cao

3. Vessel Motion Extraction from an Image Sequence Esteban L. Castro-Feliciano

4. Vehicle Detection and Classification Shihong Huang

5. Predicting Galaxy Morphology ClassificationsKairui Jin

6. Estimation of Coil Thermal Model in Slip Control System Weichao Kong

7. Human Detection with HoG Algorithm Kyuseok Lee

8. Eigenface Recognition as it Pertains to Medical Diagnosis Chad Newton

9. Notation Processing Olivia Palmer

10. Audio signal analysis with filter by using FIR filter and detection of signal in noise Jianhang Qiu

11. Use of DSP concepts in System Identification Keval Shrihari Ramani

12. Low Light and Low Contrast Image Enhancement Shengyin Shen

13. Music Source Separation Hao-Wei Tseng

14. Evaluation Performance of Spike Sorting Algorithms Philip Vu

15. Application of Digital Signal Processing to the Foreign Currency Exchange Market Kaichang Wang

16. Audio Restoration Based on DSP Tools Nan Wu

17. Noise Reduction and Speech Enhancement Rong Xu

18. Optical Character Recognition Yafang Xue

19. Real-time Visual Tracking Chengcan Ye

20. Vibration of Piezoelectric Micro Cantilever Beam Array Chuming Zhao

21. Face Enhancement With Variable Illumination And Noise Yao Zhao