Fessler research group members as of 2022-11-03

Chaired doctoral research

Co-chaired doctoral research

Current MS student(s)

Current postdoctoral fellow(s)

Past postdoctoral fellows

  1. Melissa Haskell 2019-2022
    NIH F32 Fellow
    MRI / machine learning methods
    Co-mentored with Prof. Doug Noll
    Sequence developer at Hyperfine

  2. Il Yong Chun 2016-2020
    Inverse problems, light field imaging, convolutional, signal models, sparsity, compressed sensing, CNNs, ...
    Was an Asst. Prof. in EE at Univ. of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa. Asst. Prof. at Sung Kyun Kwan Univ. (SKKU)

  3. Sai Ravishankar 2015-8
    Data-adaptive signal models, ...
    (2016 IEEE Signal Proc. Society Young Author Best Paper Award)
    (Joint work with Prof. Raj Nadakuditi)
    Assistant Professor at Michigan State University

  4. Ongie, Greg 2016-8
    Optimization, compressed sensing, machine learning, inverse problems, ...
    (Joint work with Prof. Laura Balzano)
    Assistant Professor at Marquette University, starting in F20.

  5. Dan Weller (NIH NSRA postdoctoral fellowship) 2012-4
    MR imaging
    (Joint work with Prof. Doug Noll)
    Senior Manager at KLA in Ann Arbor

  6. Sathish Ramani (Swiss NSF postdoctoral fellowship) 2009-2013
    Image reconstruction algorithms for MR and CT
    CT Algorithm Scientist at GE Global Research Center.

  7. Several former doctoral students (listed below) have also been postdoctoral fellows in my group:
    Se Young Chun, Donghwan Kim, Anish Lahiri, Yong Long, Madison McGaffin, Hung Nien, Joonki Noh

PhD students who dissertation research I chaired.

  1. Blocker, Cameron
    Thesis (2022, EECS): Adaptive regularization for inverse problems in imaging
    Spatial Media Engineer at Apple

  2. Le, Mai
    Thesis (2017, EECS): Reconstruction methods for free-breathing dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
    2014 CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
    2015 CoE Towner Prize
    YouTube video about her graduate work
    Next-Generation Health Sensor Algorithm Engineer at Apple.

  3. McGaffin, Madison
    Thesis (2015, EECS): X-ray CT image reconstruction on highly-parallel architectures
    GAANN Fellow, 2010
    Computational Photography and Computer Vision Software Engineer at Apple.

  4. Schmitt, Stephen
    Thesis (2015, EECS): Fast variance prediction for iteratively reconstructed CT with applications to tube current modulation
    Quantitative Research Associate at Susquehanna International Group.

  5. Cho, Jang Hwan
    Thesis (2014, EECS): Improving statistical image reconstruction for cardiac X-ray computed tomography
    Kwanjeong Scholarship, 2010-2014
    Image Reconstruction Engineer at Endra.

  6. Kim, Donghwan
    Thesis (2014, EECS): Accelerated optimization algorithms for statistical 3D X-Ray computed tomography image reconstruction
    KLA-Tencor Fellowship, 2010
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics at KAIST University

  7. Nien, Hung
    Thesis (2014, EECS): Model-based X-ray CT image and light field reconstruction using variable splitting methods
    KLA-Tencor Fellow, 2012
    Was a post-doctoral fellow at UM through Dec. 2015. Imaging Scientist at Apple.

  8. Allison, Michael
    Thesis (2014, EECS): Accelerated computation of regularized estimates in magnetic resonance imaging
    Canadian NSERC Doctoral scholarship
    Associate at McKinsey & Co., Toronto

  9. Matakos, Antonis
    Thesis (2013, EECS): Dynamic image and fieldmap joint estimation methods for MRI using single-shot trajectories
    Reithmiller Fellow, 2010.
    Senior software engineer at Canon Medical Research.

  10. Lingenfelter, Dan Innovative Signal Analysis (ISA) Fellowship 2008, 2009
    Thesis (2011, EECS): Source detection and image reconstruction with position-sensitive gamma-ray detectors
    Software Engineer at Google in Boulder, CO.

  11. Huh, Wonseok
    Thesis (2011, EECS): Regularized statistical material decomposition in medical imaging
    Region manager, Garena, in Seoul.

  12. Funai, Amanda (NSF Graduate Fellowship)
    Thesis (2011, EECS): Regularized estimation of main and RF field inhomogeneity and longitudinal relaxation rate in magnetic resonance imaging
    Associate instructor at University of Utah.

  13. Diaz [Khalsa], Kim (NSF Graduate Fellowship)
    Thesis (2011, BME): Temporal regularization use in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
    Lecturer in EECS at UM.

  14. Valenzuela, John (General Dynamics Graduate Fellowship)
    Thesis (2010, Applied Physics): Polarimetric image reconstruction algorithms
    Principle Scientist and Electro-Optics and Infrared Team Lead, Centauri

  15. Chun, Se Young
    Thesis (2009, EECS): Motion aspects in joint image reconstruction and nonrigid motion estimation
    Associate Professor in ECE at Seoul National University
    2015 Bruce Hasegawa Young Investigator Medical Imaging Science Award from the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

  16. Shi, Hugo R.
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Fast regularization design for tomographic image reconstruction for uniform and isotropic spatial resolution
    Software Developer at Continuum Analytics.

  17. Ruan, Dan (2005 Rackham International Student Fellowship, 2007 Rackham Barbour Scholarship)
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Image guided respiratory motion analysis: time series and image registration
    Associate Professor in Radiation Oncology at UCLA. Was a researcher in Radiation Oncology at Stanford University.

  18. Srivastava, Somesh
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Accelerated statistical image reconstruction algorithms and simplified cost functions for X-ray computed tomography
    Lead Scientist-Image Analytics at GE Research in Bangalore.

  19. Zeng, Rongping
    Thesis (2007, EECS): Estimating respiratory motion from CT images via deformable models and priors
    Research Scientist at FDA/CDRH/OSEL in Rockville, MD.

  20. Zhang-O'Connor, Yingying
    Thesis (2007, EECS): Noise properties of regularized image reconstruction in X-ray computed tomography
    Data Scientist at Apple in Austin, TX.

  21. Jacobson, Matthew
    Thesis (2006, EECS): Approaches to motion-corrected PET image reconstruction from respiratory gated projection data
    Instructor Faculty at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School.

  22. Yendiki, Anastasia
    Thesis (2005, EECS): Analysis of signal detectability in statistically reconstructed tomographic images
    Associate Professor at MGH/Harvard in Cambridge, MA working on diffusion MRI.

  23. Ahn, Sangtae
    Thesis (2004, EECS): Convergent algorithms for statistical image reconstruction in emission tomography
    Lead Engineer in the Functional Imaging Group at GE Global Research. Previously a post-doctoral fellow in Richard Leahy's group at USC .

  24. Kim, Jeongtae
    Thesis (2004, EECS): Intensity based image registration using robust similarity measure and constrained optimization: applications for radiation therapy
    Associate Professor in the Information electronics engineering department of Ewha Womans University, Korea.

  25. Elbakri, Idris
    Thesis (2003, EECS): Statistical reconstruction algorithms for polyenergetic X-ray computed tomography
    Previously at Fischer Imaging in Colorado on digital X-ray imaging.
    Imaging Physicist in the Division of Medical Physics, CancerCare in Manitoba, Canada, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Manitoba.

  26. Sotthivirat [now Thongvigitmanee], Saowapak (Nan)
    Thesis (2003, EECS): Statistical image recovery techniques for optical imaging systems
    Researcher at the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Thailand.

  27. Stayman, Web
    Thesis (2002, EECS): Spatial resolution in penalized-likelihood image reconstruction
    Assoc. Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

  28. Yu, Feng (Dan)
    Thesis (2000, EECS): Statistical methods for transmission image reconstruction with nonlocal edge-preserving regularization
    Completed a PhD in mathematics in 2005 at Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver.
    Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Bristol .

  29. Yavuz, Mehmet
    Thesis (2000, EECS): Statistical tomographic image reconstruction methods for randoms-precorrected PET measurements
    Previously: GE Corporate Research and Development (developing cone-beam X-ray CT systems and reconstruction methods), then at Nortel Networks, then a VP of Engineering at Qualcomm working on wireless communications systems. Co-Founder/CTO of Celona.

  30. Erdogan, Hakan
    Thesis (1999, EECS): Statistical image reconstruction algorithms using paraboloidal surrogates for PET transmission scans
    After graduation, Hakan first went to IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs, where he researched speech recognition methods, a statistical signal processing problem that builds on some of the same algorithms (like the EM algorithm) used in image reconstruction.
    Then he was a Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Research Scientist at Google in Boston.

PhD students whose dissertation research I co-chaired.

  1. Murthy, Naveen (co-advised with Jon-Nielsen, Radiology)
    Thesis (2024, ECE): Advances in myelin water imaging and stack-of-spirals MRI: Image reconstruction and parameter estimation
    Soon to be a Senior PET Scientist, Siemens Healthineers

  2. Gao, Mingjie (co-advised with HP Chan, Radiology)
    Thesis (2024, ECE): Advances in image reconstruction for digital breast tomosynthesis
    Imaging Scientist at Apple

  3. Li, Zongyu (co-advised with Yuni Dewaraja, Radiology)
    Thesis (2024, ECE): Solving Poisson inverse problems in phase retrieval and single photon emission computerized tomography
    Feb. 2022 "Editor's choice" paper
    Algorithm Engineer at KLA

  4. Wang, Guanhua (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2023, BME): Optimizing signal sampling strategies for magnetic resonance imaging
    2023 Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research
    Computational Science Engineer at Q Bio

  5. Whitaker, Steven (co-advised with Jon-F. Nielsen, fMRI center)
    Thesis (2022, ECE): Magnetic resonance imaging: Myelin water imaging and model-based image reconstruction
    2020 ISMRM highlight & ISMRM reproducible research interview
    Sr. Julia Developer with GLCS

  6. Crockett, Caroline (co-advised with Cindy Finelli, EECS)
    Thesis (2022, ECE): How students and algorithms learn to filter: Investigating students’ understanding of signal processing concepts and bilevel methods for learning filters for image reconstruction
    2020 ECE GSI Award
    2019 Innovative Signal Analysis (ISA) Fellowship
    Honorable Mention, 2019 NSF GRFP
    Rackham Predoctoral Fellow, S21-W22
    Assistant Professor of ECE at Univ. of Virginia

  7. Guo, Shouchang (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2022, ECE): Novel models for high-dimensional imaging: High-resolution fMRI acceleration and quantification
    Data Scientist, Microsoft

  8. Lahiri, Anish (co-advised with Luis Hernandez, BME/fMRI)
    Thesis (2021, ECE): Learning-based algorithms for inverse problems in MR image reconstruction and quantitative perfusion imaging
    Senior Research Engineer, Sony R&D Lab

  9. Hong [nee Lin], Claire (co-advised with Anna Gilbert, Applied Math)
    Thesis (2021, Appl Math): Efficient model-based reconstruction for dynamic MRI
    Algorithm Engineer at KLA, Milpitas, CA

  10. Lim, Hongki (co-advised with Yuni Dewaraja, Radiology)
    Thesis (2020, ECE): Quantitative image reconstruction methods for low signal-to-noise ratio emission tomography
    Asst. Prof of EE at Inha Univ.

  11. Hong, David (co-advised with Laura Balazano, EECS)
    Thesis (2019, ECE): Learning low-dimensional models for heterogeneous data
    NSF Graduate Fellow, 2013-2017
    Richard and Eleanor Towner prize, 2017 EGS
    EECS GSI Award, 2018
    NSF postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania
    Asst. Professor in ECE at Univ. of Delaware (F23)

  12. Williams, Sydney (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2018, BME): Constrained and spectral-spatial RF pulse design for magnetic resonance imaging
    2014 NSF Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention
    GAANN Fellow 2014-16
    Lecturer (akin to Asst. Prof.) at the University of Glasgow

  13. Nataraj, Gopal (co-advised with Jon-F. Nielsen, fMRI center)
    Thesis (2018, EECS): Advances in quantitative MRI: acquisition, estimation, and application
    Best student paper, ISBI 2017
    Rackham Predoctoral Fellow, S17-W18
    Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement, 2017
    Innovative Signal Analysis (ISA) Fellowship, 2014
    Staff Scientist at Ziteo Medical

  14. Liu, Lianli (co-advised with James Balter, Radiation Oncology)
    Thesis (2018, EECS): Optimizing magnetic resonance imaging for image-guided radiotherapy
    2017 Rackham Barbour Scholarship
    Medical Physics residency at UM
    Clinical Asst. Prof. in Radiation Oncology at Stanford

  15. Zheng, Jiabei (co-advised with Heang-Ping Chan, Radiology)
    Thesis (2017, EECS): Improving image reconstruction for digital breast tomosynthesis
    Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer at Apple.

  16. Muckley, Matthew (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2016, BME): Acceleration methods for MRI
    GAANN Fellow, 2012; Rackham Predoctoral Fellow, F15-W16
    Was a Research Scientist at NYU Medical Center
    Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) in NYC.

  17. Kim, Jung Kuk (co-advised with Zhengya Zhang, EECS)
    Thesis (2015, EECS): Architectures for X-ray CT image reconstruction
    Reithmiller Fellow, 2012
    Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) Scholarship, 2008-
    Pixel IP Design Engineer at Apple.

  18. Sun, Hao (co-advised with Jon-F. Nielsen, fMRI center)
    Thesis (2015, EECS): Topics in steady-state MRI sequences and RF pulse optimization
    Senior Software Engineer at Apple.

  19. Bao, Yingze (co-advised with Silvio Savarese, EECS, as a formality)
    Thesis (2014, EECS): Geometric and semantic scene understanding
    Lead Engineer at Magic Leap.

  20. Zhao, Feng (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2013, BME): Methods for MRI RF pulse design and image reconstruction
    Software Engineer at KLA-Tencor.

  21. Yoon, Daehyun (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2012, EECS): Fast joint design of RF and gradient waveforms for MRI parallel excitation
    Asst. Adj. Prof. in Radiology at UCSF.

  22. Long, Yong (co-advised with James Balter, Radiation Oncology)
    Thesis (2011, EECS): Statistical image reconstruction and motion estimation for image-guided radiotherapy
    Was a postdoc in my group, working on CT reconstruction, then a CT Algorithm Scientist at GE Global Research in NY. Assistant Professor at SJTU-UM Joint Institute.

  23. Kublik, Catherine (Dupuis) (co-advised with Selim Esedoglu, Math)
    Thesis (2010, Applied Math, awarded Ralph B. Baldwin thesis prize): Topics in PDE-based image processing
    Asst. Prof. at Univ. of Dayton

  24. Maleh, Ray (co-advised with Anna Gilbert, Math)
    Thesis (2009, Applied Math): Efficient sparse approximation methods for medical imaging
    With L3 Communications in Greenville, TX.

  25. Olafsson, Valur (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2009, EECS): Fast and motion robust dynamic R2* reconstruction for functional MRI
    Technical Director, MRI Center, Northeastern University

  26. Bashan, Eran (co-advised with Al Hero, EECS)
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Efficient resource allocation schemes for search
    Currently pursuing entrepreneurial activities: HygieiaMedical.com.

  27. Bhagalia, Roshni (co-advised with Boklye Kim, Radiology)
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Analysis and strategies to enhance intensity-based image registration
    Currently a Computer Vision Scientist with GE Global Research.

  28. Joshi, Aniket (co-advised with Robert Koeppe, Radiology)
    Thesis (2008, BME): Improved quantitative methods for multiple neuropharmacological non-invasive brain PET studies
    Director of Clinical Imaging, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

  29. Way, Ted (co-advised with H. P. Chan, Radiology)
    Thesis (2008, BME): Computer-aided diagnosis of pulmonary nodules in thoracic computed tomography
    Currently a Program Manager for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Team

  30. Yeo, Teck Beng Desmond (co-advised with Boklye Kim, Radiology)
    Thesis (2008, EECS): Advances in concurrent motion and field-inhomogeneity correction in functional MRI
    Currently Technology Manager for the MRI and Superconducting Magnet team at GE Global Research.

  31. Noh, Joonki (co-advised with Victor Solo, EECS)
    Thesis (2007, EECS): True spatio-temporal detection and estimation for functional magnetic resonance imaging
    Initially worked as a post-doc at UM on low-dose dual-energy CT for PET attenuation correction. Then worked at Galt Research LLC, Ann Arbor, MI, developing statistical image/signal processing algorithms for long-range Compton scattering imaging. Earned a 2nd PhD in Finance, and is now an Asst. Prof. of Banking and Finance at the Weatherhead School of Management in Case Western Reserve University.

  32. Narayanan, Ramkrishnan (co-advised with Charles Meyer, Radiology)
    Thesis (2007, BME): Diffeomorphic transformations for automatic multi-modality image registration
    With Promaxo.

  33. Yip, Chunyu (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2007, EECS): RF pulse designs for signal recovery in T2*-weighted functional magnetic resonance imaging
    Was a post-doctoral fellow at MGH/Harvard in Cambridge, MA working on fMRI. Now at Queen's College, Hong Kong.

  34. Lee, Sangwoo (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2006, EECS): Iterative reconstruction methods for rosette trajectories in functional MRI
    Principal Engineer and Head of Clinical Research Group at Samsung.

  35. Krishnan, Sumati (co-advised with Tom Chenevert, Radiology)
    Thesis (2004, BME): K-space acquisition method for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI: Application to breast tumors
    Formerly a post-doctoral fellow in Pediatrics at Emory Univ.

  36. Sutton, Brad (Whitaker Fellow) (co-advised with Doug Noll, BME)
    Thesis (2003, BME): Physics-based reconstruction of magnetic resonance images
    Full Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    See his famous fast MRI video of singing here

  37. Sukovic, Predrag (co-advised with Neal Clinthorne, Nuclear Medicine)
    Thesis (2003, BME): Design of a dual modality PET/cone beam CT scanner - A feasibility study
    Entrepreneur and co-founder of Xoran Technologies.

  38. Park, Hyunjin (co-advised with Charles Meyer, Radiology)
    Thesis (2003, BME): Adaptive registration and atlas based segmentation
    Assoc. Professor, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea.

  39. Ghanei, Amir (co-advised with H. Soltanian-Zadeh, Henry Ford Hospital)
    Thesis (1999, EECS): A knowledge-based deformable surface model for analysis of medical images.
    Now with Medtronic.

  40. Titus, Stephen (co-advised with Al Hero, EECS)
    Thesis (1996, EECS): Improved penalized likelihood reconstruction of anatomically correlated emission data.
    CTO at BIS Global.

Visiting doctoral students (past)

  1. Abella García, Mónica
    CT reconstruction (Fall 2008)
  2. Li, Zhipeng
    CT reconstruction (Jan.-Aug. 2019)
    (PhD student of Yong Long at UM-SJTU Joint Institute)

  3. Martinez, Cristobal
    CT reconstruction (Jul.-Oct. 2019, co-mentored with HP Chan in Radiology)
    (PhD student of Monica Abella at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

  4. Ye, Siqi
    CT reconstruction (Jan.-Aug. 2019)
    (PhD student of Yong Long at UM-SJTU Joint Institute)

  5. Zheng, Xuehang
    CT reconstruction (Jan.-Aug. 2016, Jan.-Jul. 2017)
    (PhD student of Yong Long at UM-SJTU Joint Institute)

Doctoral students with whom I worked closely.
Graduate students that performed directed study research with me.

Undergraduate researchers (partial list)

  1. Cadavid, Simon
    2024: EECS 499 (with Alec Xu)
    Mixture PPCA for heteroscedastic data

  2. Malik, Iman
    2023: NSF REU (with Laura Balzano and Javier Salazar Cavazos)

  3. Nanda, Harshit
    2022: Image reconstruction in Julia

  4. Kim, Sonia
    2022-2023: Image reconstruction in Julia
    Honorable Mention Award at 2024 MSSISS

  5. Block, Jacob
    2022-2023: NSF REU on supervised PCA for heteroscedastic data

  6. Hou, Daniel
    2021: NSF REU on image reconstruction in Julia

  7. Heinonen, Tapio
    2021: Image reconstruction in Julia

  8. Shah, Neel
    2020: EECS 399 on image reconstruction with machine learning

  9. Dong, Jing
    2019: UROP on image reconstruction in Julia

  10. Gupta, Raj
    2019: UROP on image reconstruction in Julia

  11. Martin, Anya
    2019: UROP on image reconstruction in Julia
    2020: NSF REU

  12. Wan, Daniel
    2019: UROP on image reconstruction in Julia

  13. Heinonen, Helena
    2019: Image reconstruction in Julia

  14. Fu, Qichen
    2018-19: CNN methods for image reconstruction

  15. Many others not pictured here. See my cv.

Dissertation titles of students for whom I have served as a committee member.
Photographs from group parties.
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