Doctoral dissertations chaired. Updated 2018-6-29
  1. Mai T Le.
    Reconstruction methods for free-breathing dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. UM, 2017
  2. Madison McGaffin.
    X-ray CT image reconstruction on highly-parallel architectures. UM, 2015
  3. Stephen Schmitt.
    Fast variance prediction for iteratively reconstructed CT with applications to tube current modulation. UM, 2015
  4. Michael J Allison.
    Accelerated computation of regularized estimates in magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2014
  5. Jang Hwan Cho.
    Improving statistical image reconstruction for cardiac X-ray computed tomography. UM, 2014
  6. Dong Hwan Kim.
    Accelerated optimization algorithms for statistical 3D X-ray computed tomography image reconstruction. UM, 2014
  7. Hung Nien.
    Model-based X-ray CT image and light field reconstruction using variable splitting methods. UM, 2014
  8. Antonis Matakos.
    Dynamic image and fieldmap joint estimation methods for MRI using single-shot trajectories. UM, 2013
  9. Daniel J Lingenfelter.
    Source detection and image reconstruction with position-sensitive gamma-ray detectors. UM, 2011
  10. Won Seok Huh.
    Regularized statistical material decomposition in medical imaging. UM, 2011
  11. Amanda K Funai.
    Regularized estimation of main and RF field inhomogeneity and longitudinal relaxation rate in magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2011
  12. Kimberly A Khalsa.
    Temporal regularization use in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. UM, 2011
  13. John Valenzuela.
    Polarimetric image reconstruction algorithms. UM, 2010
  14. Se Young Chun.
    Motion aspects in joint image reconstruction and nonrigid motion estimation. UM, 2008
  15. Dan Ruan.
    Image guided respiratory motion analysis: time series and image registration. UM, 2008
  16. Hugo Shi.
    Fast regularization design for tomographic image reconstruction for uniform and isotropic spatial resolution. UM, 2008
  17. Somesh Srivastava.
    Accelerated statistical image reconstruction algorithms and simplified cost functions for X-ray computed tomography. UM, 2008
  18. Rongping Zeng.
    Estimating respiratory motion from CT images via deformable models and priors. UM, 2007
  19. Yingying Zhang-O'Connor.
    Noise properties of regularized image reconstruction in X-ray computed tomography. UM, 2007
  20. Matthew Jacobson.
    Approaches to motion-corrected PET image reconstruction from respiratory gated projection data. UM, 2006
  21. Anastasia Yendiki.
    Analysis of signal detectability in statistically reconstructed tomographic images. UM, 2005
  22. Sangtae Ahn.
    Convergent algorithms for statistical image reconstruction in emission tomography. UM, 2004
  23. Jeongtae Kim.
    Intensity based image registration using robust similarity measure and constrained optimization: applications for radiation therapy. UM, 2004
  24. Idris A Elbakri.
    Statistical reconstruction algorithms for polyenergetic X-ray computed tomography. UM, 2003
  25. Saowapak Sotthivirat.
    Statistical image recovery techniques for optical imaging systems. UM, 2003
  26. Joseph Webster Stayman.
    Spatial resolution in penalized-likelihood image reconstruction. UM, 2003
  27. Daniel Feng Yu.
    Statistical methods for transmission image reconstruction with nonlocal edge-preserving regularization. UM, 2000
  28. Mehmet Yavuz.
    Statistical tomographic image reconstruction methods for randoms-precorrected PET measurements. UM, 2000
  29. Hakan \Erdogan.
    Statistical image reconstruction algorithms using paraboloidal surrogates for PET transmission scans. UM, 1999

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