Doctoral dissertations co-chaired. Updated 2022-3-15
  1. Anish Lahiri.
    Learning-based algorithms for inverse problems in MR image reconstruction and quantitative perfusion imaging. UM, 2021
  2. Claire Yilin Lin.
    Efficient model-based reconstruction for dynamic MRI. UM, 2021
  3. Hongki Lim.
    Quantitative image reconstruction methods for low signal-to-noise ratio emission tomography. UM, 2020
  4. David Hong.
    Learning low-dimensional models for heterogeneous data. UM, 2019
  5. Sydney N Williams.
    Constrained and spectral-spatial RF pulse design for magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2018
  6. Gopal Nataraj.
    Advances in quantitative MRI: acquisition, estimation, and application. UM, 2018
  7. Lianli Liu.
    Optimizing magnetic resonance imaging for image-guided radiotherapy. UM, 2018
  8. Jiabei Zheng.
    Improving image reconstruction for digital breast tomosynthesis. UM, 2017
  9. Matthew John Muckley.
    Acceleration methods for MRI. UM, 2016
  10. Jung Kuk Kim.
    Algorithm and architecture co-design for high performance digital signal processing. UM, 2015
  11. Hao Sun.
    Topics in steady-state MRI sequences and RF pulse optimization. UM, 2015
  12. Sid Ying-Ze Bao.
    Geometric and semantic scene understanding. UM, 2014
  13. Feng Zhao.
    Methods for MRI RF pulse design and image reconstruction. UM, 2013
  14. Daehyun Yoon.
    Fast joint design of RF and gradient waveforms for MRI parallel excitation. UM, 2012
  15. Yong Long.
    Statistical image reconstruction and motion estimation for image-guided radiotherapy. UM, 2011
  16. Catherine Mareva Dupuis Kublik.
    Topics in PDE-based image processing. UM, 2010
  17. Ray Maleh.
    Efficient sparse approximation methods for medical imaging. UM, 2009
  18. Valur Olafsson.
    Fast and motion robust dynamic R2* reconstruction for functional MRI. UM, 2009
  19. Eran Bashan.
    Efficient resource allocation schemes for search. UM, 2008
  20. Roshni Bhagalia.
    Analysis and strategies to enhance intensity-based image registration. UM, 2008
  21. Aniket Joshi.
    Improved quantitative methods for multiple neuropharmacological non-invasive brain PET studies. UM, 2008
  22. Ted W Way.
    Computer-aided diagnosis of pulmonary nodules in thoracic computed tomography. UM, 2008
  23. Teng Beck Desmond Yeo.
    Advances in concurrent motion and field-inhomogeneity correction in functional MRI. UM, 2008
  24. Ramkrishnan Narayanan.
    Diffeomorphic transformations for automatic multimodality image registration. UM, 2007
  25. Joonki Noh.
    True spatio-temporal detection and estimation for functional magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2007
  26. Chun-yu Yip.
    RF pulse designs for signal recovery in T2*-weighted functional magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2007
  27. Ted W Way.
    Effects of CT scanning parameters on 3D active contour segmentation for volume estimation of simulated lung nodules in chest phantom. UM, 2006
  28. Sangwoo Lee.
    Iterative reconstruction methods for rosette trajectories in functional MRI. UM, 2006
  29. Sumati Krishnan.
    K-space acquisition method for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI: Application to breast tumors. UM, 2004
  30. Bradley P Sutton.
    Physics-based reconstruction for MRI: Compensating and estimating field inhomogeneity and $T_2^*$ relaxation. UM, 2003
  31. Hyunjin Park.
    Adaptive registration and atlas based segmentation. UM, 2003
  32. Predrag Sukovic.
    Design of a dual modality PET/cone beam CT scanner - A feasibility study. UM, 2003
  33. Amir Ghanei.
    A knowledge-based deformable surface model for analysis of medical images. UM, 2001
  34. Stephen Robert Titus.
    Improved penalized likelihood reconstruction of anatomically correlated emission data. UM, 1996

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