Madison McGaffin

about me

As of this writing, I am a third year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering: Systems department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My research adviser is Professor Jeff Fessler.

I majored in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Tufts University; my website from undergrad is still available here (though I doubt you'll find anything useful there)!

You can have a look at my mug here if you'd like.


My email address is my last name, and you're welcome to follow me on Twitter as @mgreyhill.

My office is room 4125 in EECS on Umich's North Campus. I'm the one in the back, mouth fastened beneath an inverted coffee mug.


I study X-ray CT reconstruction, with an eye towards making things efficient on interesting hardware like GPUs. Google keeps a list of my publications, and I currently spend my time thinking about

Massively parallel architectures make old ideas new and interesting again (see: FIR filters), which makes this a very exciting field to work in.