Research projects organized by topic in reverse chronological order. Note that the author order is alphabetical, following the convention in theoretical computer science.

Coding Theory

Mean-Based Trace Reconstruction over Oblivious Synchronization Channels Replication-Insertion Channel
Mahdi Cheraghchi, Joseph Downs, João Ribeiro, Alexandra Veliche
arXiv preprint, ISIT 2021 paper, ISIT 2021 recorded talk, journal paper, seminar talk slides

Computational Complexity Theory

Worst-Case to Average-Case Hardness of LWE: A Simple and Practical Perspective
Divesh Aggarwal, Leong Jin Ming, Alexandra Veliche
Crypto (pr)ePrint, eccc preprint

Quantum Computing

Nonlocality in Quantum Shallow Circuits (Senior Honors Thesis, 2019)
Christopher King, Alexandra Veliche
paper draft, NCUWM 2019 poster

Shor's Algorithm and Its Impact on Present-Day Cryptography (Research Capstone, 2018)
Christopher King, Alexandra Veliche
paper draft, NCUWM 2018 poster