CS 589, Winter 2005: Advanced Computer Networks)

Tentative reading list

(01/11 Tu) Internet routing characterization

(01/13 Th) Internet routing security

(1/18 Th) Overlay Networking

(1/20 Th) Internet AS relationships

(1/25 Tu) Traffic engineering, traffic matrix estimation

(2/1 Tu) Internet availability and reliability

(2/3 Th) Critical network infrastructure services

(2/8 Tu) Firewalls and DDoS attacks

(2/10 Thu) Network IDS and worms

  • [bro] Bro: A System for Detecting Network Intruders in Real-Time by Vern Paxson
  • [King03]Backtracking Intrusions by Sam King and Pete Chen
  • [Weaver03]A Taxonomy of Computer Worms by N. Weaver, V. Paxson, S. Staniford and R. Cunningham at WORM workshop
  • (2/17 Th) denial of service

    (2/22 Tu) Measurement based anomaly detection

    (2/24 Th) Peer to peer networks and security

    (Mar 7 Tu) Anonymous networks

    (Mar 15 Tu) Storage in sensor networks

    (Mar 17 Th) Sensor networks: networking experience

    (3/24) Sensor network security [Saurabh Tyagi]

    Optional further reading:

    (Tuesday March 29) Secure communication [Rangarajan Vasudevan]

    Optional further reading:

    (Thursday March 31) Accessing Internet from wireless/cellular networks [Yu-Hong Yeung]

    (April 5 Tuesday) Anomaly detection and network tomography [Bokdeuk Jeong]

    Optional further reading:

  • Diagnosing Network-Wide Traffic Anomalies by Anukool Lakhina, Mark Crovella, and Christophe Diot
  • A Signal Analysis of Network Traffic Anomalies by Paul Barford, Jeffery Kline, David Plonka and Amos Ron
  • (April 7 Thursday) Network measurements [Ying Zhang]

    Optional further reading:

  • Strategies for Sound Internet Measurement by Vern Paxson
  • (April 12 Tuesday) [Arthur Tomlin]

    Optional further reading:

    (April 14 Thursday) Queue Management and Router design

    Optional further reading:

    () Knowledge Plane

    () Future directions in Internet architecture

    () Group communication security

    () Network Models