This webpage archives resources and information associated with research done by Westley Weimer and colleagues relating to computer science and medical imaging.

We firmly believe in reproducible research and want to make our raw materials and de-identified data available to other researchers. We are quite interested in collaborations with other researchers, as well as having other researchers use our data for new analyses or baselines.


We make available resources related to a fMRI study involving expertise, code review, code comprehension and prose review. The study was conducted in 2016 at the University of Virginia and published in 2017. The published paper, which received a Distinguished Paper Award, is available:

IRB Protocol

IRBs have different structures and requirements at different institutions. However, because health-related IRBs are typically more involved than non-health IRBs, other researchers may benefit from seeing how we phrased some of our responses.

Recruitment Materials

These brief slides and tear-off handouts were used in classes and on bulletin boards to recruit participants. We followed up via email with interestd participants.

Pre-Screening Form and Correspondence

Our pre-screening form checks for relevant medical, software engineering and prose background. We followed up via email with students depending on whether they were medically a good fit for the study or not.

Training Video

This training video was shown to participants after pre-screening but before they entered the scanner.

Supervising Experimenter Notes

These notes remind researchers (e.g., professors, graduate students) about what to say to each participant and how to record the data. Some details are UVA-specific.

Visual Stimuli

The exact code and prose snippets and questions we presented to participants are available.

Experiment Scripts

These experiment scripts govern the presentation of visual stimuli and the collection of data at our local fMRI.

De-Identified fMRI Scans

We are significantly interested in other researchers making use of the de-identified fMRI scan data gathered at our institution. For example, other researchers might carry out different analyses on the same data or use this data as a baseline in subsequent experiments.

Brain scan data is covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Researchers making use of this data:


Researchers involved in this projects include:
  1. Westley Weimer, University of Michigan (to whom correspondence should be addressed)
  2. Tyler Santander, UVA Cognitive Psychology
  3. Benjamin Floyd, Apogee Research