Current students

Luwa Matthews

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Research interests: Verification- and security-aware architectures, energy efficient systems, and heterogeneous architectures
Dissertation title: A Formal Framework for Designing Verifiable Protocols

Doowon Lee

Ph.D. Candidate
Thesis topic: Comprehensive low-cost protection for heterogeneous systems
IBM Ph.D. Fellowship, 2014-15
University of Michigan - Rackham pre-doctoral fellowship, 2015-16

Abraham Adissie

Ph.D. Candidate
Thesis topic: Distributive and collaborative architectures for accelerator IPs

Tim Linscott

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Securing hardware processors from manufacturing-level attacks

Brendan West

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Wireless communication in chiplet-based design

Vidushi Goyal

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Interconnect units for 2.5D silicon chips

Pete Ehrett

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Chiplet-based interconnect architectures

Hiwot Tadese Kassa

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Efficient graph analytics via memory subsystem optimization

Andrew McCrabb

Ph.D. Pre-candidate
Thesis topic: Hardware algorithms for applications with semi-structured data


Biruk Mammo, Ph.D.
Google, Platform Group
Architecture Engineer
Rawan Abdel-Khalek, Ph.D.
Intel, PDG Architecture Group
Power/Performance Architect
Ritesh Parikh, Ph.D.
Intel, PDG Architecture Group
Power/Performance Architect
Debapriya Chatterjee, Ph.D.
IBM, Post-Silicon Validation Group
Advisory Engineer
Andrea Pellegrini, Ph.D.
Intel Corp., Platform Validation Engineering Group
Andrew DeOrio, Ph.D.
University of Michigan
Ilya Wagner, Ph.D.
Intel Corp., Platform Validation Engineering Group
Validation Architect
Kai-hui Chang, Ph.D.
Avery Design Systems
Product Architect
Stephen Plaza, Ph.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farms Research Campus
Project Manager/Bioinformatics Specialist/

Javad Bagherzadeh, MS
Xiaoming Guo, MS
Sijia He, MS
Milind Furia, MS
Helen Hagos, MS
Daya Khudia, MS
D. Anoushe Jamshidi, MS
Shobana Sudhekar, MS
David Masselink, MS
Joshua Lim, MS
Jeff Hao, MS
Adam Bauserman, MS
Mona Attarian, Ph.D.
Beth Isaksen, MS
Ian Kountanis, MS
Smitha Shyam, MS

Evan Chavis, BSE
Harrison Davis, BSE
Gabriel Hodge, BSE
Sihang Liu, BSE
Astin Teferi, BSE
Jialin Li, BSE
Qingkun Li, BSE
Calvin McCarter, BSE
John Krsemien, BSE
Junhao Jiang, BSE
Erica Christensen, BSE
Ernest Gillard, BSE
David Ramos, BSE
Chelsea LeBlanc, BSE