Synthesis of Fault Tolerant Switching Protocols for Vehicle Engine Thermal Management

L. Yang, N. Ozay and A. Karnik
Proc. American Control Conference (ACC), Boston, MA, July 2016.

Thermal management is very important to guarantee ideal performance of compact vehicle engines. One challenge in the vehicle engine thermal management is to control the engine temperature in a small interval while tolerating component failures and the uncertainties in complex environment and different operating conditions. We formulate this control problem as a temporal logic gameĀ” for a switched affine system and solve it by synthesizing a switching protocol based on an abstraction. The existing algorithms for computing abstractions either cannot handle parametric uncertainties in the dynamics or can be computationally expensive. Besides, they usually do not deal with possible component failures. The main contribution of this work is to show: (i) how to compute an abstraction more efficiently under the assumption that the vector fields are multiaffine in constant uncertainties and affine in state variables, (ii) how to result in a graceful degradation in case of component failures.