1994 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. Novel Devices for Terahertz Generation and Radiation, E. Brown (paper not available)
  2. Terahertz-Research at the Erlangen University Laboratories for High Frequency Technology - A 5-Year Review, H.H. Brand, J. Brune, A.J. Harth, R.H. Janker, M.G.Marz, S.L. Martius, D.P Steup, B.G. Stockel

Session 1: SIS Receivers

  1. A Wideband Fixed-Tuned SIS Receiver for 200 GHz Operation, R. Blundell, C. Y.E. Tong, D.C. Papa, R.L. Leombruno, X. Zhang, S. Paine, J.A Stern, H.G. LeDuc, B. Bumble
  2. 180-425 GHz Low Noise SIS Waveguide Receivers Employing Tuned Nb / AlOx/Nb Tunnel Junctions, J.W. Kooi, M. Chan, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc, P.L. Schaffer, T.G. Phillips
  3. SIS Receivers with Large Instantaneous Bandwidth for Radio Astronomy, K Jacobs, U. Muller, U. Schwenk, D. Diehl, C.E. Honingh, S. Haas
  4. Millimeter and Submillimeter SIS Mixers with the Noise Temperature Close to the Quantum Limit, A Karpov, J. Blondel, B. Lazareff, K-H. Gundlach
  5. 100 GHz Band Planar Type SIS Mixer, M. Hieda, K Kojima, T. Takami, T. Kashiwa, A Eda, T. Imatani, J. Inatani
  6. FANATIC: An SIS Radiometer for Radio Astronomy in the 660-690 GHz Band, A.I. Harris, K.-F. Schuster, K.-H. Gundlach, B. Plathner
  7. High Frequency Effects and Performance of a 600 GHz-635 GHz SIS Receiver Using Nb / AlOx/Nb Junctions, M. Salez, P. Febvre, W.R McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc
  8. Quasi-Optical SIS Mixer with a Silicon Lens for Submillimeter Astronomy, N.G. Ugras, J. Zmuidzinas, H.G. LeDuc
  9. A Low Noise 565-735 GHz SIS Waveguide Receiver, J.W. Kooi, CK. Walker, H.G. LeDuc, P.L. Schaffer, T.G. Phillips
  10. An Airborne SIS-Receiver for Atmospheric Measurements at 625 to 720 GHz, J. Mees, S. Crewell, H. Nett, G. de Lange, H. van de Stadt, J.J. Kuipers, R.A. Panhuyzen

Session 2: Hot-Electron Mixers & Superconducting Detectors

  1. A Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer for 530 GHz, A. Skalare, W.R McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc, P.J. Burke, A.A. Verheijen, D.E. Prober
  2. Investigation of a Superconducting Hot Electron Mixer, H. Ekstrom, B. Karasik, E. Kollberg, K.S. Yngvesson
  3. Cyclotron Resonance Detectors for THz Frequencies, D. Dai, C.R. Lutz, Jr., C.M. Musante, K.S. Yngvesson, K.M. Lau, E.S. Jacobs, E.R Mueller, J. Waldman, M.A Tischler
  4. Slot-Line Tapered Antenna with NbN Hot Electron Mixer for 300-360 GHz Operation, G. Gol'tsman, S. Jacobsson, H. Ekstrom, B. Karasik, E. Kollberg, E. Gershenzon
  5. NbN Hot Electron Waveguide Mixer for 100 GHz Operation, O. Okunev, A Dzardanov, H. Ekstrom, S. Jacobsson, E. Kollberg, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenzon
  6. Noise Temperature of a Superconducting Hot-Electron Mixer, A.I. Elantev, B.S. Karasik

Session 3: Josephson Effect Devices

  1. Radiation from a Quasioptical Josephson Junction Array, M.J. Wengler, B. Guan, E.K. Track
  2. Characterization of the Emission from 2D Array Josephson Oscillators, P.A.A. Booi, S.P. Benz
  3. Heterodyne Mixing and Direct Detection with High Temperature Josephson Junctions, E.N. Grossman, L.R. Vale
  4. Measurements of Noise in Josephson-Effect Mixers, R.J. Schoelkopf, J. Zmuidzinas, T.G. Phillips

Session 4: Nonlinear Transmission Lines & Transistors

  1. High Power Impulse Generation Using Lateral Stacked Nonlinear Transmission Lines, H. Shi, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr.
  2. Millimeter-Wave On-Wafer Waveform and Network Measurements Using Active Probes, R. Yu, M. Reddy, J. Pus I, S. Allen, M. Case, M. Rodwell
  3. Cryogenic Performance of Monolithic Amplifiers for 85-115 GHz, N.R. Erickson, S. Weinreb, B.C. Kane
  4. Monolithic 155 GHz & 213 GHz Quazi-Optical Transistor Oscillators, B.K. Kormanyos, S.E. Rosenbaum, L.P. Katehi, G.M. Rebeiz
  5. Monolithic Nonlinear Transmission Line Using Multi-Barrier Devices, W.M. Zhang, X-H. Qin, J.Y. Liao, RP. Hsia, W.R Geck, F. Jiang, Y. Li, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr.
  6. Monolithic Millimeter Wave Beam Control Grid, X. Qin, W-M. Zhang, J.Y. Liao, RP. Hsia, W.R Geck, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., W. Bert, S. Duncan, D.W. Tu

Session 5: Terahertz Schottky Diodes & Receivers

  1. A Novel Biased Anti-Parallel Schottky Diode Structure for Subharmonic Mixing, T.H. Lee, C.Y. Chi, J.R. East, G.M. Rebeiz, G.I. Haddad
  2. GaAs Schottky Diodes for Atmospheric Measurements at 2.5 THz , P.A.D. Wood, D.W. Porterfield, W.L. Bishop, T.W. Crowe
  3. A Monolithic Double-Slot Schottky-Diode Receiver, S.S. Gearhart, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. Effect of Parasitic Capacitance on the Performance of Planar Subharmonically Pumped Schottky Diode Mixers, I. Mehdi, P.H. Siegel
  5. Design Optimization of Schottky Barrier Diodes at THz Frequencies, A. Grub, V. Krozer, A. Simon, H.L. Hartnagel
  6. Novel Chip Geometries for THz Schottky Diodes, W.M. Kelly, S. MacKenzie, P. Maaskant

Session 6: Multipliers & Varactor Devices 1

  1. A Balanced Doubler Using a Planar Diode Array for 270 GHz, N.R. Erickson, J. Tuovinen, B.J. Rizzi, T.W. Crowe
  2. Planar Balanced Doubler Chip to 320 GHz, B.J. Rizzi, T.W. Crowe
  3. On the Modelling of the Millimeter Wave Schottky Varactor, J.T. Louhi, A. V. Raisanen
  4. Verification of the Finite Element Analysis and Study of Losses of a Planar Diode Doubler, J. Tuovinen, N.R. Erickson
  5. Solid-State Local Oscillator Sources for 600-900 GHz, P.A. Jaminet
  6. Novel Varactor Diode Structures for Improved Power Performance, F.T. Brauchler, J.R. East, G.I. Haddad

Session 7: Multipliers & Varactor Devices 2

  1. A Tripler to 220 GHz Using a Back-To-Back Barrier-N-N+ Varactor Diode, D. Choudhury, P.H. Siegel, A.V. Raisanen, S.E. Martin, R.P. Smith
  2. Experiments with Single Barrier Varactor TripIer and Quintupler at Millimeter Wavelengths, T.J. Tolmunen, A.V. Raisanen, E. Brown, H. Gronqvist, S. Nielsen
  3. GaAs/lnGaAsl AlGaAs Heterostructure Barrier Varactors for Frequency Tripling, J.R. Jones, S.H. Jones, G.B. Tait
  4. Planar Varactor and Mixer Diodes Fabricated Using InP-Based Materials, P. Marsh, D. Pavlidis, K. Hong
  5. Frequency Conversion to 38 GHz Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes, O. Tanguy, D. Lippens, J. Bruston, J.E. Pernot, G. Beaudin, J. Nagel, B. Vinter
  6. Quasioptical Multiplier Array with Separate Waveguide Feed, D. Steup, A. Weber

Session 8: SIS Mixer Theory

  1. Theoretical and Practical Limits on the RF Bandwidth of SIS Mixers, A.R. Kerr
  2. Josephson Noise in SIS Receivers, B. Leridon
  3. Signal and Image Port Output Power in the Quantum Theory of Mixing, Q. Ke, M.J. Feldman
  4. Analytical Description of the Influence of the Quantum Susceptance of the Performance of SIS Mixers, P. Febvre
  5. Cancellation of Josephson Current in Superconducting Junction Arrays, R. Maoli, B. Leridon

Session 9: Negative Resistance Devices 1

  1. Design and Realization of GaAs D-Band IMPATT Oscillators, M. Tschernitz, J. Freyer
  2. Performance of GaAs TUNNETT Diodes as Local Oscillator Sources, H. Eisele, C.C. Chen, R. Mains, G.I. Haddad
  3. Second Harmonic 210 GHz InP Millimeter Wave Transferred Electron Oscillators, M.P. Zybura, S.H. Jones, G.B. Tait
  4. High-Efficiency InP IMPATT Diodes for High-Frequency Power Generation, C.C. Chen, R.K. Mains, G.I. Haddad, H. Eisele
  5. A Quasi-Optical Power Combiner with a Metallic Grating, K. Mizuno, J. Bae, Y. Aburakawa, T. Fujii

Session 10: Passive Components and Quasi-Optics 1

  1. Near-Field Characterization of 2-D Beam Patterns of Submillimeter Superconducting Receivers, C.Y.E. Tong, S. Paine, R Blundell
  2. A Submillimeter Wave Platelet Horn Array: Fabrication and Performance, R.W. Haas, S. Raman, G.M. Rebeiz, W.R McGrath, G. Chin, H. Dave
  3. Quasi-Optical Optimization and Modal Analysis of Cornercube Schottky-Diode Mixers, J. Brune, P. Bierschneider
  4. Terahertz-Bandwidth Transmission Lines on Low-Permittivity Substrates, H. Cheng, J.F. Whitaker, T.M. Weller, L.P.B. Katehi
  5. Finite Difference Time Domain Analysis of Coplanar Transmission Line Circuits and a Post-Gap Waveguide Mounting Structure, J.E. Oswald, P.H. Siegel, S.M. Ali
  6. Time-Domain Characterization of Diode Mounting Structures, E. Tentzeris, N. Dib, L. Katehi, J. Oswald, P. Siegel

Session 11: Negative Resistance Devices 2

  1. Large Signal Impedance of Resonant Tunneling Diodes, J.R Lampin, O. Vanbesien, O. Tanguy, D. Lippens
  2. Excitation of an Oscillator with Several Resonant Tunneling Devices Integrated in Series Using RF Source, O. Boric-Lubecke, R Sun, D-S. Pan, T. Itoh
  3. An Heterojunction Schottky Barrier Diode with RTD Emitter, X.J. Lu, T.E. Kosica, B.S. Perlman
  4. Demonstration of Power Combining at W-Band From GaAs/ AlAs Resonant Tunnelling Diodes, D.P. Steenson, R.E. Miles, R.D. Pollard, J.M. Chamberlain, M. Henini

Session 12: Passive Components & Quasi Optics 2

  1. An Electro-Optic Attenuator for Terahertz Frequencies , G.P. Delgado, S. Jacobsson, J.P. Johansson
  2. Off-Axis Imaging Properties of Substrate Lens Antennas, D. Filipovic, G. V. Eleftheriades, G.M. Rebeiz
  3. 230 GHz Beam Pattern Measurements of a Dipole Array-Fed Dielectric Filled Parabola , S. Raman, D.F. Filipovic, P. Stimson, R.J. Dengler, P. Siegel, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. Micromachined Detector Mounts for Millimeter Wave Applications, R.F. Drayton, C. Kidner, J. East, L.P.B. Katehi
  5. Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Microshield Line Components , T. Weller, S. Robertson, L.P. Katehi, G.M. Rebeiz
  6. Beam Waveguide and Receiver Optics for the SMA , S. Paine, D.C. Papa, R.L. Leombruno, X. Zhang, R. Blundell
  7. Alignment for the PRONAOS Submillimeter Segmented Telescope,, I. Ristorcelli, G. Recouvreur, M. Giard, B. Leriche, M. Gheudin, G. Beaudin, P. Encrenaz, F. Buisson, J. M. Lamarre, G. Serra
  8. Towards the Realisation of Space Borne Terahertz Waveguide Devices C.M. Mann, B.J. Maddison, D.N. Matheson, M.L. Oldfield, B.N. Ellison
  9. Corrugated Feedhorns at Terahertz Frequencies - Preliminary Results, B.N. Ellison, M.L. Oldfield, D.N. Matheson, B.J. Maddison, C.M. Mann, A.F. Smith