The University of Michigan Modbus/TCP Conformance Test Laboratory was established in June of 1999 as an independent site for testing Modbus/TCP devices for conformance.

Developed by Schneider Electric, this protocol is versatile and supported over many mediums. With Ethernet gaining popularity for control networks, the necessity of conformant devices is rising.

Equipped with Internet-connected PCs, development space and a robust testbed network, the Modbus/TCP Conformance Test Laboratory aims to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of Modbus well into the future.

Current Test Script Version: 2.1

Important Information:

Contact Lenore Tracey (lenore@control.com) at Modbus-IDA.org for logistical and billing questions as well as to learn more about the advantages of having a product tested and certified. 

        The Modbus Organization 
        PO Box 628 
        Hopkinton, MA 01748-0628 

Telephone: 508-435-7170

Lab Address:

Modbus/TCP Conformance Test Laboratory
H.H. Dow Building
Room 1100G
The University of Michigan
2350 Hayward St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125
email: modbus@eecs.umich.edu


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