EECS 583
Advanced compilers Fall 2007

Class: MW 10.30 - 12.30

Location: 1006 Dow

Office hours: MW after class, Wed 4-5pm

Academic genealogy

The commandments above were written by
 Professor Patt at UT Austin.  He is my Ph.D. grand advisor, or my advisor's advisor.  Here's the complete genealogy constructed by one of my ex-students, Prof. Nate Clark.

Courses Taught

course Descriptions

  • EECS 370. Introduction to Computer Organization
    Basic concepts of computer organization and hardware. Instructions executed by a processor and how to use these instructions in simple assembly-language programs. Stored-program concept. Datapath and control for multiple implementations of a processor. Performance evaluation, pipelining, caches, virtual memory, input/output.
  • EECS 483. Compiler Construction
    Introduction to compiling techniques including parsing algorithms, semantic processing and optimization. Students implement a compiler for a substantial programming language using a compiler generating system.
  • EECS 583. Advanced Compilers
    In-depth study of compiler backend design for high-performance architectures. Topics include control-flow and data-flow analysis, optimization, instruction scheduling, register allocation. Advanced topics include memory hierarchy management, instruction-level parallelism, predicated and speculative execution. The class focus is processor-specific compilation techniques, thus familiarity with both computer architecture and compilers is recommended.

student feedback

Some of my favorite quotes from Fall 2003 (EECS 370) teaching evaluations.  See we do read your comments!

  • "Says `right' excessively, approximately 7.5 times/minute"
  • "Prof Mahlke's course was fine, but his lectures were a bit boring and lecturing/speaking skills could be improved."
  • "Mahlke is the hippest professor I've ever had"
  • "I liked how you were very casual"
  • "Nice teaching style!"
  • "You did alright"
  • "Stop saying `right' after every sentence!"
  • "Mahlke knows what he's talking about and conveys the concept very clearly"
  • "Don't imply everything is easy when it isn't"
  • "Count the number of times Mahlke says 'right?' in his next lecture"
  • "All in all, I feel that Prof. Mahlke is a wonderful professor, probably one of the best I've encountered"
  • "Mahlke can move too fast. Be mindful of this, Scott"
  • "If class were not right after lunch, I wouldn't fall asleep as often"