The CCCP group receives generous support from the National Science Foundation, Gigascale Systems Research Center, ARM Ltd., Motorola, and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

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CCCP Research Group

My research group is called Compilers Creating Custom Processors, or CCCP for short.  Our goal is to design customized processors, accelerators, and systems consisting of both that are higher performance, lower power, and more reliable.  We increase the efficiency of designs by customizing the hardware to the software that will run on the system.  However, our focus is building programmable systems, thus new compiler technology is required to automatically map applications onto the new hardware that is designed.  The CCCP group was started in 2002.  For lots more information on the CCCP group, please refer to the group webpage.

trimaran compiler system

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past PH.D Dissertations Chaired

  1. Mikhail Smelyanskiy, Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, 2004.
    Thesis: Hardware/Software Mechanisms for Increasing Resource Utilization on VLIW/EPIC Processors (Co-chairman: Prof. Edward Davidson)
  2. Rajiv Ravindran, Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, 2007.
    Thesis: Hardware/Software Techniques for Memory Power Optimizations in Embedded Processors
  3. Nathan Clark, Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, 2007.
    Thesis: Customizing the Computation Capabilities of Microprocessors
  4. Michael Chu, Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, 2007.
    Thesis: Cooperative Data and Computation Partitioning for Decentralized Architectures