Kevin Fu


ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, Sloan Research Fellow,
Dr. Dwight E. Harken Memorial Lecturer

Northeastern University
Electrical & Computer Engineering
and Khoury College of Computer Sciences

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What do students think of my teaching?

Here are some excerpts from past teaching reviews. Most students think my courses are challenging. Many students like my teaching methodology. No one likes my jokes.

EECS 280 Programming and Data Structures:
``He is really good. He made EECS not that boring or tedious.''
``Enthusiastic and enjoyable lectures.''
``Haven't seen any professor better than professor Fu in lecturing!''
``Topics are useful, the instructor is helpful, recorded lectures are the best thing in classes''
``You are one of the best lecturers I have had in my college career.''
``Professor Fu is a very enthusiastic lecturer and always fosters a positive learning environment in the class.''
``I'm an IA for another EECS class, so I've learned to notice active learning techniques. They really help! Thanks for showing me how it's supposed to be done!''
``I like how the professor uses both the board and slides to teach. He writes important information on the board so we can reference it when talking about slides.''

Computer Architecture:
``It got me interested in a new side of computer science I never would have seen, and I love it.''
``Now I understand the difference between heap and stack.''
``He takes his time to make sure we understand what he was teaching.''
``Kevin has managed to turn what I think is a boring topic into an interesting class!''
``He was always very approachable and helpful.''
``I like that this class, which I find fairly difficult, was paired with a very effective and talented teacher.''

Applied Cryptography:
``The content was extremely interesting and Professor Fu is an incredible teacher.''
``Kevin is one of the department's finest professors. Whatever he's doing, he is doing it right.''
``Professor Fu truly inspires interest in an otherwise dull topic.''
``Don't make it 9:05AM.''

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