Contact Information for Kevin Fu

As of January 2023, I've moved to Northeastern University based in Boston. Wicked smaht.

Q: How do I reach Kevin by email?

N: Pbatenghyngvbaf, lbh xabj nobhg ebg-13. :-) Zl nqqerff vf xrivash@hzvpu.rqh, ohg lbh cebonoyl nyernql xarj gung.

A: Or try

A: For any questions related to speaking requests or OT cybersecurity consulting, please see my consulting website at

Prospective graduate students: If you have questions about the PhD admissions process, please see the CSE website. We have a wonderful group of students in the SPQR lab. Women and underrepresented minority students are especially encouraged to apply for positions. Please read my links to resources on women in computing.

What's it like to work for Kevin? Here's an opinion from a graduate student. Caveat: expect a very heavy workload during research paper writing.