Kevin Fu


ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, Sloan Research Fellow,
Dr. Dwight E. Harken Memorial Lecturer

Northeastern University
Electrical & Computer Engineering
and Khoury College of Computer Sciences

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I direct the Security and Privacy Research Lab, better known to insiders as the SPQR Lab.

Meet the current students of the SPQR lab

Prospective Graduate Students

The best way to get accepted to Michigan is to write a unique and compelling personal statement that focuses on research and to have letter writers who can rate your research abilities. I only hire students who have been admitted to the graduate program at Michigan CSE. If you are interested in an RAship, you will first need to apply via the Michigan CSE admissions Web site.

My students and co-authors have a diverse background. Most are computer scientists or electrical engineers with a passion for building secure systems and writing scholarly prose. All have creative outlets such as Latin literature, bread making, rock climbing, pottery, archery, and photography to name a few. These creative passions are reflected in our way of doing research. Interested in joining us? Apply for the PhD program. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Are you considering graduate school in general? There are many ways to prepare.


Miran Alhaideri
2013-2014 (masters, next: Crispin Porter + Bogusky)
Connor Connor Bolton
2017-2022 (PhD, next: Sandia National Labs)
Hee-Jin Hee-Jin Chae
2006-2007 (masters, next: Raytheon)
Shane Shane Clark, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
2008-2013 (PhD, next: BBN, Raytheon)
Benessa Benessa Defend
2005-2009 (masters, next: MITRE)
Denis Foo Kune
2012-2014 (postdoc, next: CEO Virta Labs, Mayo Clinic, Amazon)
Emily Graetz
2016 (masters, next: University of Michigan Lecturer)
Shane Shane Guineau
2011-2013 (masters, next: Amazon)
Tom Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
2005-2007 (masters, next: Perspecta Labs)
Matthew Hicks
2013-2014 (postdoc, next: Virgina Tech)
Dan Holcomb
2014 (postdoc, next: UMass Amherst)
Julia Julia Lanier
2019-2021 (masters, next: ARM)
Robert Robert Lychev
2008 (masters, next: PhD program at GA Tech, Meta)
Andres Andres Molina-Markham, Outstanding Synthesis Award
2008-2012 (PhD, next: Dartmouth College, RSA Labs, MITRE)
Amir Amir Rahmati
2011-2014 (MSE, next: Stony Brook University)
Sara Sara Rampazzi
2017-2020 (research investigator, next: University of Florida)
Ben Benjamin Ransford, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
2007-2013 (PhD, next: University of Washington, Virta Labs, Stripe)
Negin Mastooreh "Negin" Salajegheh, Outstanding Synthesis Award
2007-2012 (PhD, next: University of Virginia, Qualcomm, Netflix)
Colleen Swanson
2013-2014 (postdoc)
Joel Van Der Woude
2013-2015 (masters, next: Sandia National Labs)
Hong Hong Zhang
2010-2012 (masters)

Thesis Committees

Past Undergraduate Researchers

Olga Olga Korobova
UMass Amherst, Computer Science
Quinn Quinn Stewart
Carleton College, Classics
AndrewTeresa Fiore
UMass Amherst, Anthropology, Marketing, Economics (2011-2012)

High School Mentoring

In my role as the Publications Chair for the National Junior Classical League, I mentor the editor who publishes a quarterly periodical. The student editor has the unique opportunity of producing creative content and managing a scholarly publication far beyond the typical high school experience. Each year, high school students elect an editor from the body of over 40,000 participating students who study Latin, Greek, and classical history. I am elected to this volunteer position by members of the American Classical League for a ten year period within 2004-2014.