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Code and Data Downloads

Links to code and data downloads are included with relevant project pages and publication entries. I include them here as well for one concise listing (but, some newer ones may yet be missing).

YouCook2 is the largest task-oriented, instructional video dataset in the vision community. It contains 2000 long untrimmed videos from 89 cooking recipes. The procedure steps for each video are annotated with temporal boundaries and described by imperative English sentences. ArXiV report for the paper/data.

Click-Here CNNs: This is the project page supplying code and data associated with our ICCV 2017 paper.

A2D: Actor-Action Dataset is a new dataset to support a broad class of video understanding problems: action recognition, actor-class recognition, multi-label actor/action recognition, actor-action semantic segmentation. Data and evaluation code is available. This dataset was released with our CVPR 2015 paper.

Video2Text.net: A website and web-service for automatic conversion of videos to natural language sentences based on the video content. This website showcases our work in the vision+language domain. The website implements our various video to text methods.

YouCook data set: 88 challenging videos of various cooking (third-person viewpoint, different backgrounds, dynamic camera and person movement) with natural language annotations (about 8 per video) and object and action annotations. Includes a benchmark ROUGE scoring evaluation. The data set was published with our CVPR 2013 paper.

Hierarchy Agreement Index: implementation of our AAAI LBP 2013 cross-hierarchy evaluation tool for general use.

Random Forest Distance -- tree-structured metric learning that implicitly adapts the metric over the sample space based on our KDD 2012 paper. (Code updated 2/28/14)

Action Bank full code and processed data sets  [direct link to code]

LIBSVX: A Supervoxel Library and Benchmark for Early Video Processing. Implements a suite of supervoxel video segmentation methods as well as a quantitative set of 2D and 3D metrics for good supervoxels.

Graph-Shifts Code (Java) and example data.

Video label propagation code and benchmark data set.

UB/College Park stereo building facade dataset. [more information].

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