Homework Logistics

All homework must be completed individually on in pairs (your choice).

Turn in each assignment via the UM Canvas system.

Homework 0 — Model Checking

Homework 0 written instructions. Resources:

Homework 1 — Basic Operational Semantics

Homework 1 written instructions. Resources:

Homework 2 — Induction and Imperative Features

Homework 2 written instructions. Resources:

Homework 3 — Regular Expressions and SAT

Homework 3 written instructions. Resources:

Homework 4 — Axiomatic Semantics

Homework 4 written instructions. Resources:

Homework 5 — Test Input Generation

Homework 5 written instructions. Resources:

Somewhat-Related Humor

  1. Research Glossary (note "interesting to me")
  2. The Guru of Chelm (evaluating systems)
  3. How To Prove It (alternative techniques to structural induction)
  4. K-Coward (taking math too seriously)
  5. Hamlet PowerPoint (problems with all-PowerPoint presentations)
  6. Universal Poker (proof theory: why is Truth's opposite "Void"?)
  7. Chess Books (useful background reading)
  8. Polynomial Hierarchy Collapses: Thousands Feared Tractable
  9. Microsoft Patches (exceptional situations and error handling)
  10. C Problem (essential debugging)
  11. USENET Homework (asking for help)
  12. Linux Development Order (requirements engineering)
  13. GCC International (promoting international understanding)
  14. Microsoft Buys TeX (note "What were we thinking?" and "third-party display driver")
  15. Feel-Good Abstraction (at what level should we analyze and design?)
  16. Parametric Worm (Microsoft security explained)
  17. 1776 Computers (historical perspectives)
  18. Security Important (system and user security)
  19. Secure README (security through obscurity)
  20. Tarzan Learns Email (explaining CS to the laity)
  21. Jobs Translated (meanings of terse utterances)
  22. How I Met My Wife (is Wes speaking English?)