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  Syllabus/Lecture Notes
  1. Game Review
  2. Arcade Game
  3. Interactive Fiction
  4. Final Project
  Showcase Games:

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UM EECS 494: Fall 2006 Lecture Notes

Tentative syllabus:

Wed 09/06 History of Computer Games
Hand Out Assignment 1: Computer Game Review
Fri 09/08 Game Design Principles and Architecture
Mon 09/11 Arcade Games: 2D Bit-Mapped Graphics
Workshop: Sprite Creation using Photoshop
Assignment 1 Due
Hand Out Assignment 2: Arcade Game
Wed 09/13 The DXFramework Package [Jon Voigt]
Fri 09/15 Workshop: DXFramework Tutorial [Jon Voigt]
Mon 09/18 Basic Physics and Collision Detection
Wed 09/20 Game Design Process
Fri 09/22 In Class Game Design Exercise
Mon 09/25 Visiting Lecture: Matt Gilgenbach, Binary Creativity
Wed 09/27 Visiting Lecture: Michael Malone, EA-Tiburon
Fri 09/29 Visiting Lecture: Alex Kerfoot, Maxis/EA
Mon 10/02 Story-based Game Design
Hand Out Assignment 3: Interactive Fiction
Tue 10/03 Assignment 2 Due
Wed 10/04 Workshop: Adrift and Inform
Watch John's Adrift streamcast in .mov or .wmv format
(it lasts about 50 minutes and is over 200 MB).
"Puppy v. Zombie" for adrift and inform.
Fri 10/06 Demoes of Arcade Games
Mon 10/09 Massively Multiplayer Games
Wed 10/11 Networking for Computer Games and Socket Programming
Fri 10/13 Computer Game Business
Wed 10/18 Visiting Lecture: Dan Kauffman, High Voltage Software
Fri 10/20 Workshop: Previous Years' Final Project Postmortems
Mon 10/23 In Class Game Design Exercise
Hand Out Assignment 4: Final Project
Tue 10/24 Assignment 3 Due
Wed 10/25 Design Document and Game Post Mortems
Fri 10/27 Final Project Pitch Day
Mon 10/30 Game Balance
Wed 11/01 Artificial Intelligence I
Thu 11/02 Final Project Concept Paper Due
Fri 11/03 AI II
Mon 11/06 AI III
Wed 11/08 3D Graphics I
Fri 11/10 Workshop: Intro to 3D Modeling using Blender3D, Milkshape3D, Maya 3D, or 3DS Max
Mon 11/13 Workshop: Intro to 3D Model Skinning/Texture Mapping and Terrain Generation
Final Project Design Document Due
Wed 11/15 Group Meetings
Fri 11/17 Group Meetings
Mon 11/20 Group Meetings
Wed 11/22 Group Meetings
Mon 11/27 3D Graphics II
Wed 11/29 AI in First Person Shooter Games
Fri 12/01 AI in FPS II (big file, download to view) and Role Playing Games
Mon 12/04 Strategy Games
Tue 12/05 Alpha Release of Final Projects Due
Wed 12/06 Strategy Games II
Fri 12/08 Alpha release examples
Mon 12/11 Ethics in Computer Games
Assignment 4: Final Projects Due
Wed 12/13 Visiting Lecture: Prof. Greg Wakefield, Virtual Acoustic Reflections
Fri 12/15 Computer Game Open House 4:00-7:00pm 1695 CSE