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Kamal Sarabandi's Teaching

Teaching Interests:  Teaching and development of courses and laboratories in the area of electromagnetics and circuits in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Courses Developed

  • Measurements Laboratory. Advanced topics in microwave measurements; power, spectrum and noise measurements, introduction to state-of-the-art microwave test equipment, methods for measuring the dielectric constant of materials, polarimetric radar cross section measurements, near field antenna pattern measurements, electromagnetic emission measurement (EM compatibility). Followed by a project that will include design, analysis, and construction of a microwave subsystem. (The funds for the laboratory equipment was entirely acquired from external sources, about $400K).
  • Theory of Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces and Random Media. Advanced topics in the area of microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing; Dyadic Green's function of layered media, scattering by random rough surfaces (small perturbation method and Kirchhoff Approach), scattering by periodic surfaces, analytical scattering models for discrete scatterers, low frequency effective permittivity of random media (dielectric mixing formulas), effective permittivity tensor of periodic media, propagation in a sparse random media (effective field approximation), optical theorem, numerical and experimental evaluation of effective permittivity, Analytical wave theory (Born approximation and Strong permittivity fluctuations), Radiative transfer theory.

Courses Taught

  • Fields and Optics Laboratory (EECS 431)
  • Circuit Analysis (EECS 216)
  • Electromagnetics II (EECS 332)
  • Applied Electromagnetics II (EECS 330)
  • Applied Electromagnetics I (EECS 230)
  • Electromagnetic Theory (EECS 530)
  • Microwave Measurements Laboratory (EECS 533)
  • Theory of Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces and Random Media (EECS 730)

Dissertations Supervised

  1. "Microwave Propagation Through Cultural Vegetation Canopies," by Ahad Tavakoli, The University of Michigan, 1991. (co-chair)
  2. "Modeling and Inversion of the Radar Response of Vegetation Canopies," by Paul F. Polatin, The University of Michigan, 1993. (co-chair)
  3. "Microwave Polarimetric Backscattering from Natural Rough Surfaces," by Yisok Oh, The University of Michigan, 1993. (co-chair)
  4. "Microwave and Millimeter-wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Random Media: Modeling and Experiments," by Adib Y. Nashashibi, The University of Michigan, 1995. (Chair)
  5. "Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow: An Empirical/Theoretical Scattering Model for Dense Random Media," By John R. Kendra, The University of Michigan, 1995. (Chair)
  6. "A Coherent, Polarimetric Microwave Scattering Model for Grassland Structures and Canopies," By James M. Stiles, The University of Michigan, 1996. (co-chair)
  7. "Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Random Media," by Paul R. Siqueira, The University of Michigan, 1996. (Chair)
  8. "A Fractal-Based Coherent Scattering and Propagation Model for Forest Canopies," By Yi-Cheng Lin, The University of Michigan, 1997. (Chair)
  9. "Electromagnetic Scattering from Rough Surfaces Covered with Short Branching Vegetation," By Tsen-Chieh Chiu, The University of Michigan, 1998. (Chair)
  10. "Millimeter-wave Polarimetric Radar System as an Advanced Vehicle Control and Warning Sensor," By Eric S. Li, The University of Michigan, 1998. (Chair)
  11. "New Approaches to the Analysis of Morphological and Rhythmic Information to the Electrocardiogram," By Ghassan E. Shahin, The University of Michigan, 2000. (Co-Chair)
  12. "Radio Wave Diffraction and Scattering Models for Wireless Channel Simulations," By Mark D. Casciato, 2001. (Chair)
  13. "Investigation of bistatic scattering using numerical techniques and novel near-field measurements," By Daniel Zahn, 2001. (Chair)
  14. "Acoustic and electromagnetic wave interaction in the identification of buried objects," By Daniel E. Lawrence, 2002. (Chair)
  15. “Advanced Diffraction and Wave Propagation Models for Characterization of Wireless Communication Channels”, by Il-Seuk Koh; April 2002. (Chair)
  16. “Tree Height Estimation using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and Ancillary Data”, By Charles G. Brown; May 2003. (Chair)
  17. “RF MEMS Devices for Multi-functional Integrated Circuits and Antennas”, By Dimitrios Peroulis, July 2003. (Co-chair)
  18. “Millimeter-Wave Polarimetric Radar Sensor for Detection of Power Lines in Strong Clutter Background,” By Moonsoo Park, October 2003. (Chair)
  19. “Novel Components for Integrated Millimeter-wave Front-ends,” By Abbas Abbaspur-Tamijani, November 2003. (Co-chair)
  20. “High Fidelity Miniaturized Antennas and Filters for Wireless Applications,” By Reza Azadegan, April 2004. (Chair)
  21. “Modeling of Wireless Channels and Validation Using a Scaled MM-Wave Measurement System ,” by Farshid Aryanfar, December 2004. (Chair)
  22. “Development of Engineered Magnetic Materials for Antenna Applications,” By Kevin Buell, October 2005. (Chair)
  23. “Physics-Based Modeling of Wave Propagation for Terrestrial and Space Application,” by Feinian Wang, December 2005. (Chair)

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