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College Board Endorsed AP July 18-22nd 2005

Agenda AP 2005
Additional Materials AP Workshop Summer 2005
Resouces from AP Workshop Summer 2005
Ideas for Teaching Concepts AP Workshop Summer 2005

Zip file of the AP Workshop directory on S:

Two files that weren't included on the CD:
AP06-Exceptions.ppt (new)
Agenda - GaTech 2005.doc ("final" version)
JOptionPane.doc (new)

You may now apply for this workshop at You can also fill out the brochure and mail it in (ICET brochure.pdf). This workshop is also on the GVSDC site as CTE6116 - College Board Endorsed AP Workshop. To see who has applied see Applicants for AP Workshop Summer 2005

This will be run by a college board endorsed consultant, Debbie Carter from Lancaster Country Day School. It will be held at in room 107 of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. For directions to the College of Computing Building see Barbara Ericson from Georgia Tech will assist.

This workshop is primarily aimed at teachers who haven't taught the AP CS course yet. But, experienced teachers may also find it valuable. Since both Debbie and Barb will be teaching we can do break out groups to cover advanced material.

We will expect you to have a firm grasp of Java basics. If you don't have much experience in Java we recommend that you take the Intermediate Programming and Systems Management June 28-July 1st 2005 workshop first.

The workshop will start at 8:00am each morning and end at 4:00pm each day except for the last day when it will end at 12:00pm. Registration will open at 7:30am the first morning of the workshop. Georgia teachers who attend the entire workshop will earn 3 PLUs.

Georgia Tech will pay for Georgia public school teacher's room and board, but not parking. Parking at the hotel is $10.00 a day. If this is a hardship for you please contact Dr. Maureen Biggers (

You will be staying two teachers per room at the Georgia Tech Hotel near the workshop. The hotel and meals will be covered. Private school and out of state teachers will need to cover their own hotel and meals (except lunch) unless you also stay at the Georgia Tech Hotel for the $89 rate a night which is for two people per room and it includes breakfast and dinner. If you wish to have a private room you will have to cover the additional cost ($40-$70 a day extra). Please make your room reservations by June 16th, 2005 (we will be making them for Georgia Public School Teachers).

The tuition for the workshop is $425 per person. A deposit of $125 must be received by June 18, 2005. The deposit is refundable until June 18, 2005. Full payment must be received by July 10, 2005. Checks or purchase orders should be made out to the Georgia Tech Foundation. Space is limited to 30, so please send your reservation and deposit as soon as possible. Send your payment to:

Institute for Computing Education
ATTN: CS-AP Advanced Placement Summer Institute
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280
Fax: 404 385-0965


$79/night; 244 North Avenue NW; 404/881-0881; 800-465-4329

$99/night dbl or king; 1132 Techwood Dr.; 404/607-1112; 800-321-2211

$89/night; 975 W. Peachtree St.; 404/81-7511; 800-642-3629

$109/night; 659 Peachtree St.; 404/898-8353

Georgia Tech Hotel -
This is the closest hotel. You can take the trolley to the college of computing building.
$119/night for a private room and $89 a night with breakfast and dinner for a shared room;
800 Spring St. NW; 404/347-9440 Georgia Tech Hotel ($173/night w/break & dinner)
>Phone: 404/347-9440
We have rooms blocked under "College Board AP-CS, GA Tech/CoC"

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