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Resouces from AP Workshop Summer 2005

Debbie Carter

e-mail: carter(at)
home page
Java Links for teachers
Projects for teaching different concepts from Roger Frank

Java Practice Quizes from Kennesaw
There is also a smaller quiz bank for the second programming course:


The Institute for Computing Education's collaborative website is at
The slides from Dr. Mark Guzdial's presentation are here:
Take a practice AP Exam (A or AB) from our Database of Questions
Barb Ericson's e-mail ericson (at)

Georgia Tech's Media Computation Course in Python

The class website is at
The syllabus and slides are at
Student galleries are at

Website for the Java Book on Media Computation

Georgia Tech's Data Structures Media Course in Java
Slides and Syllabus
Course Notes, Java Source, and Media
Homework Galleries


National association for computer science teachers
The home page is at


Alice is a free 3D animation package that can be downloaded from
You can find sample worlds created by students at

LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO Mindstorms, Robotics Invention System. A kit cost about $200.00 and comes with
2 motors, sensors, and lego parts and instructions on how to build sample robots.

Home page:
For Education page:
A set of instructions for building a simple robot are at
You can program these robots in Java using lejos (the Java Operating System)
lejos tutorial
For more information on using Java see


The Cuckoo's Egg, Clifford Stoll and Movie from Nova: The KGB, The Computer and Me

Tech Fair

Georgia's site

Research at Georgia Tech

Article on robotics

InfoCanvas (Information Art)
Stasko site

Aware Home

Wearable Computers
Thad Starner's homepage

DigiQuilt - teaching kids fractions with software quilting

Digital Video Special Effects Class at Georgia Tech

from Spring 2005

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