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Summer 2005 Proposed Workshops

Summer Camp June 6-10th? (I would miss one day for middle school
Field of Dreams June 6-10th
Reading CS Exam June 14-20th
FBLA June 24-27th
Intermediate Programming and Systems Management June 28-July 1st 2005 (4 days) June 28-July 1st
Beginning Prog and Sys Management Summer July 5-8th and 12-15th 2005 (2 weeks) July 5-8th and 12-15th.
College Board Endorsed AP July 18-22nd 2005 (1 week) July 18-22
Summer Camp Aug 1-5th or 8-12th?

Orig schedule:
Prog and Sys begin (June 13-16 and 20-23)
Prog and Sys intermed (June 27-30)
Prepare for AP July 11-14 and 18-21
AP Intermed July 25-28