ICML Acceptances, SIAM OPT success

Congratulations to postdoc Greg Ongie, whose excellent work on Variety Models for Matrix Completion has been accepted to ICML. We’re very excited about the potential applications and open problems that we posed in this work. Congratulations also to John Lipor, whose work on Active Subspace Clustering has also been accepted to ICML — I’ve spoken about this work before at the Simons Institute workshop on Interactive Learning. It achieves state of the art clustering error on several benchmark datasets using very few pairwise cluster queries. (Edit: See here for Greg’s talk and here for John’s talk at ICML!)

We also just finished a week at the SIAM Optimization conference, where our mini-symposium on Non-convex Optimization in Data Analysis was a huge hit. We had a full room for each session and 12 outstanding talks. Thanks to my co-organizers Stephen Wright, Rebecca Willett, and Rob Nowak, and thanks to all the speakers and participants.