BMW /5 Owners Manual

Dear BMW Friend,

The motorcyle is a constant challenge to the man; a challenge to experience the adventure of man's command over the machine--directly, unadulterated. Over and over again, wind, weather and road must be conquered and mastered anew.
For this, the machine--

You chose a BMW with twin-cylinder opposed engine, quick running with plenty of reserve power, and with shaft drive--"the finest" as our American friends put it simply. We congradulate you on your decision.

Our Operating Instructions contain the information you must know to fully enjoy riding your motorcycle, and what care is needed to keep up the value of your investment. Soon you will enjoy the feeling of being connected with the name BMW.

Start now, experience the extraordinary: Enjoy riding-- in City traffic, on narrow winding mountain roads, along the stretches of endless super-highways.



Operation and Inspection
From Starting to Riding
Break-in -- But How?
Ready to Ride
Greasing points
What to do and When ... (Hints in case of break-down)
... and in Winter? (Putting your motorcycle into storage)
Technical Data
Table of Contents
At a glance

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