How Not to Repair Your

BMW /5 Motorcycle

I use advice, the owners manual, and repair manuals as guides, not gospel, and sometimes that gets me in trouble. So that you can see what trouble that is, I'm sharing it with the rest of the electronic universe.

The following are descriptions of repair techniques I have not been told how to do, or that I deviated dramatically from the proper procedure. Why? Because I didn't have the appropriate speciallized tools. This means that these techniques can work for you!

By following these instructions religeously, you can make your bike look like this. If that happens, then these techniques got you into real trouble, and you can always call the pros and beg them to help bail you out.

Here's some stuff I saved from some mailing lists for my own reference. I'm putting it in a public place w/o getting anyone's permission, so don't go abusing the stuff in here (like people's names or email addresses). Remember, you found this on the 'net, so you know what it's worth.

These three links are mere notes I've been keeping. I find them useful, maybe you might too.

Other useful /5 specific sites include:

Sites devoted to BMW bikes:

Some notes about tires:

Not really tech, but safety is important:

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Last updated 17 Nov 2003
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