Servicing should be performed, if possible, only by an authorized BMW dealer.
Tool Kit supplied with the motorcycle.

Minor Service Major Service
every every
3000 miles 6000 miles
1. Change engine oil, replace oil filter x 1 x
2. Grease rear swing arm bearings x
3. Grease brake and clutch levers, throttle grip x x
4. Service battery x 2 x
5. Transmission, oil level x x
oil change x 3
6. Drive shaft housing oil level x x
oil change x 3
7. Rear wheel drive oil level x x
oil change x 3
8. Telescopic fork, oil change x 3
9. Clean intake air filter x x
10. Check head and wheel bearing clearance x x
11. Brakes and Clutch x x
12. Check adjust carburetor, throttle cables, fuel valve x x
13. Check spark plugs x x
14. Check adjust breaker contact gap,
breaker lubricating felt, ignition timing x x
15. Check cylinder head nuts, valve clearance x
16. Check wheel spokes x
17. Check brakes x
18. Tighten nuts and screws x x
19. Test drive, final inspection x x
1 At least every 6 months, in winter every 1500 miles or every 3 months
2 At least once a month
3 At least once a year

The service operations are described in detail on the following pages, in the same order as in the Service Schedule.

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