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"I used to have a rock collection. Then I got a slingshot"--Dennis the Menace

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EECS 451 Winter 2015 Recent Preprints Recent Ph.D. Theses
EECS 216 Winter 2008 Sparse Imaging A mirror web site for
music signal processing
EECS 501 Fall of 2001 Phase Retrieval
EECS 210 Winter 2001 Wavelets and TF Undergrad Handbook
EECS 658 Fall of 1999 Medical Imaging SP Graduate Courses
EECS 564 Winter 1999 Inverse Scattering DARPA-ARO MURI
EECS 551 Fall of 1997 Fast Algorithms Biographical Sketch

Lecture notes for EECS 210, 501, 551, 564 now on-line.

For more information on anything please email aey@eecs.umich.edu

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