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Zero-shot Building Attribute Extraction from Large-Scale Vision and Language Models
Fei Pan and Sangryul Jeon and Brian Wang and Frank McKenna and Stella X. Yu
IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, Waikoloa Hawaii, 4-8 January 2024
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Existing building recognition methods, exemplified by BRAILS, utilize supervised learning to extract information from satellite and street-view images for classification and segmentation. However, each task module requires human-annotated data, hindering the scalability and robustness to regional variations and annotation imbalances. In response, we propose a new zero-shot workflow for building attribute extraction that utilizes large-scale vision and language models to mitigate reliance on external annotations. The proposed workflow contains two key components: image-level captioning and segment-level captioning for the building images based on the vocabularies pertinent to structural and civil engineering. These two components generate descriptive captions by computing feature representations of the image and the vocabularies, and facilitating a semantic match between the visual and textual representations. Consequently, our framework offers a promising avenue to enhance AI-driven captioning for building attribute extraction in the structural and civil engineering domains, ultimately reducing reliance on human annotations while bolstering performance and adaptability.

building attribute extraction, BRAILS, SimCenter, LLM