Patrick Beeson, Matt MacMahon, Joseph Modayil, Aniket Murarka, Benjamin Kuipers, and Brian Stankiewicz. Integrating Multiple Representations of Spatial Knowledge for Mapping, Navigation, and Communication.
AAAI Spring Symposium Series 2007, Interaction Challenges for Intelligent Assistants, AAAI Technical Report SS-07-04.


A robotic chauffeur should reason about spatial information with a variety of scales, dimensions, and ontologies. Rich representations of both the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of space not only enable robust navigation behavior, but also permit natural communication with a human passenger. We apply a hierarchical framework of spatial knowledge inspired by human cognitive abilities, the Hybrid Spatial Semantic Hierarchy, to common navigation tasks: safe motion, localization, map-building, and route planning. We also discuss the straightforward mapping between the variety of ways in which people communicate with a chauffeur and the framework's heterogeneous concepts of spatial knowledge. We present pilot experiments with a virtual chauffeur.


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