Formatting Homework

We have a few basic formatting requirements that aim to ensure that our graders can grade things in a timely fashion. Homework that does not match these requirements get a 0. You can fix this by resubmitting identical homework in the correct format. Please don't try to be smart and change stuff – we check.

But for all assignments, your homework should always consist of:

1. Writeup: A non-handwritten pdf of the homework, submitted to gradescope with the relevant boxes marked. You can do this in notepad, LaTeX, MS Word, etc. It does not need to be typeset like in LaTeX.

2. Code: A .zip file containing a single directory, which is your uniqname, in which the code for the assignment is. For example, if I (uniqname ‘‘fouhey’’) were submitting my code, the files in the zip file should be things like ‘‘fouhey/’’ ‘‘fouhey/’’. We are providing a script,, that will check if your code submission matches this spec.

For particular assignments, there may be other one-off formatting requirements. Please read.