I am an assistant professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Michigan. My research is centered around developing techniques, tools, and environments that help developers build more reliable, secure, and efficient software. I am interested in developing techniques and building systems that allow programmers to better reason about their code. I am also interested in system support for emerging hardware platforms, efficient runtime instrumentation, hardware and runtime support for enhancing system security, and program analysis.

I am the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, a Google Faculty Award, and multiple Intel Awards. I received the 2016 Roger Needham PhD Award for the best PhD thesis in computer systems in Europe and the 2016 Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize for best PhD thesis in the Department of Information and Communication Sciences at EPFL. Previously, I was a researcher in the Systems and Networking Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I also held roles at Intel, VMware and Siemens. More details can be found in my CV.

I work/worked with the following group of outstanding and inspiring people:

PhD students: Tanvir Ahmed Khan, Kevin Loughlin, Andrew Loveless, Jiacheng Ma, Marina Minkin, Ian Neal, Gefei Zuo

Undergraduate students: Nathan Brown, Yineng Yang, Dexin Zhang

Former PhD students: Dr. Ofir Weisse

!! NEW !! I am looking to fund a post-doctoral researcher to work at the intersection of low-level program analysis and security. See here for more details and reach out!


  • I, Manos Kapritsos, Kevin Leach, and Westley Weimer were awarded a DARPA grant for assured patch generation. Thanks DARPA!
  • I and Joe Devietti were awarded an NSF/Intel joint grant. Thanks NSF and Intel! (Jul 2020)
  • I will serve in the ASPLOS’21 and EuroSys’21 PCs. (Jul 2020)
  • I and Manos Kapritsos were awarded an NSF FMitF grant. Thanks NSF! (Jun 2020)
  • I was awarded an NSF CAREER award. Thanks NSF! (Jun 2020)
  • Andrew Loveless and Kevin Loughlin won NSF Graduate Research Fellowships! Congrats Andrew and Kevin! (March 2020)
  • Undergraduate researcher Nathan Brown wins first place in ACM Student Research Competition. Congrats Nathan! (March 2020)
  • Awarded a Google Faculty Research Award. (March 2020)
  • NDA is recognized with a IEEE Micro Top Pick Honorable Mention. (Jan 2020)
  • SRC grant for designing the next generation Web Benchmarking Suite with David Brooks and Tim Rogers. Thanks SRC!
  • I will serve in the OSDI’20 and Usenix ATC’20 PCs. (Jul 2019)
  • I and Irene Zhang will organize the Doctorol Workshop at Eurosys’21 (Jul 2019).
  • NDA, our system that stops speculative execution attacks at their source is accepted to appear at MICRO 2019 (Jul 2019)
  • I4, our work on fully-automatic verification of distributed systems protocols is accepted to appear at SOSP 2019 (Jul 2019)
  • I and Andrew Baumann will co-chair VEE 2020. VEE is a great interdisciplinary conference. Please submit!
  • I, Vijay Chidambaram, and Supreeth Shastri will organize the first artifact evaluation track at SOSP 2019. This is a first for a major systems venue, and we are very excited.
  • Huron, our system for automatically detecting and eliminating false sharing will be presented at PLDI’19 (Jul 2019).
  • Foreshadow was chosen as an IEEE Micro Top Pick. (Jan 2019)
  • Our work REPT: Reverse Debugging of Failures in Deployed Software won a best paper at OSDI’18 (Oct 2018)
  • I will serve in the SOSP’19 PC. (Oct 2018)
  • Awarded an Intel Faculty Grant for Research on automated performance optimization techniques (Sep. 2018)
  • Our paper on Foreshadow appeared at Usenix Security. Please read our tech report on the impacts of Foreshadow (Aug 2018)
  • I will serve in the VEE’19 and ICDCS’19 program committees (Aug 2018)
  • Our paper on reverse debugging failures in deployed systems will be presented at OSDI’18 (July 2018)
  • I will serve in the EuroSYS’19 PC (May 2018)
  • I will serve as the PC chair 3rd Workshop on System Software for Trusted Execution (SysTEX 2018) with Mark Silberstein (May 2018)
  • Awarded a Michigan Cambridge Research Initiative Grant, Looking forward to working with Nada Amin (May 2018)
  • Our paper on lightweight OS containers will appear at Usenix ATC’18 (April 2018)
  • Awarded an Intel Faculty Grant for Research on Automated Performance Optimization of Emerging Apps (Sep. 2017)
  • Awarded an Azure for Research Grant (Sep 2017)
  • Our paper on diagnosing concurrency bugs in production systems will be presented at SOSP’17 (Aug 2017)
  • I received an outstanding reviewer award for serving in the PC of WWW’17 (Jul 2017)
  • I will give a keynote speech at the Workshop on Resilient Systems at the Center for Advancing Electronics at TU Dresden (Apr 2017)
  • I received the Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize for the best PhD thesis in the Department of Information and Communication Sciences at EPFL (Dec. 2016)
  • I received the Roger Needham PhD Award for the best PhD thesis in computer systems in Europe (Apr 2016)
  • Our paper on automated root cause diagnosis will be presented at SOSP’15 (Oct 2015)